Nagaon Assam

Nagaon Assam

Nagaon is an authoritative region in the condition of Assam in India. Batadrowa brought forth the celebrated Vaishnavite reformer Sankardeva, who realized a Renaissance in Assamese society. Situated in the very heartland of Assam, it falls specifically at the focal point of the whole upper east of India. An old region which goes back to 1833,which likely provoked its old British heads to facetiously depict Nagaon as an area of 3 c’s: chickens, kids and cases.

Bordowa Nagaon:


Bordowa is otherwise called the Bordowa Toran. It is famous for being the origin of the mainstream craftsman and screenwriter of Assam, Srimanta Sankardeva, who was additionally the propogator of Vaisnavism in Assam. Acclaimed for its two satras, to be specific the Narowa Satra and Salaguri Satra, the town likewise has a small scale historical center that offers looks into Assam’s past.

Silghat Nagaon:


Silghat is a well known stream port situated on the banks of the Brahmaputra River. A hillock named Samantagiri can be gone by in Silghat for review the bordering slope ranges and tribal towns. The town has a well known sanctuary complex, containing various antiquated sanctuaries, alongside the Hatimura Temple. The Hatimura Temple is accepted to have been developed over a destroyed stone sanctuary of the mid eighteenth century.

Kampur Nagaon:


Kampur is a residential community arranged in the Nagaon area, on the banks of the Kopili River, one of the tributaries of the Brahamaputra River. The town is limited by Chaparmukh, Phulaguri, Kathiatali and Jamunamukh towns.

Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary:


Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary covers a territory of around 70.13 sq km and lies on the southern bank of the Brahmaputra River. It frames an indispensable piece of the Laokhowa-Burachapori eco-framework and is home to rhinoceros and wild bison. The hold zone of the asylum has high dampness, making it appropriate for tropical creatures.

Champawati Kunda:


Champawati Kunda, otherwise called the Chapanalla Falls, is arranged in Chapanalla Village. It is arranged on the Tezpur-Nagaon-Dimapur Road. The kunda is encompassed by the thick backwoods of the Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary. A huge number of transitory fowls can be seen here amid the winter season.

Ranthali Nagaon:


Ranthali is a town in the Raha Tehsil and is prestigious for its conventional Assamese gold plated adornments. The town is encompassed by tribal settlements, for example, Dighaliati, Chaparmukh, Bagulajan, Amsoi, Dakhin and Jajial.

Pokhi Tirtha Nagaon :


Pokhi Tirtha, otherwise called the Samaguri Bill, is famous for shielding different transient winged animals that touch base amid the winter. It is situated on the eastern side of Nagaon Town.

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