Morbi Gujarat

Morbi Gujarat

Morbi is the ceramic city, also known as “Paris of Saurashtra,” situated in the Gujarat state of India. The town Morbi is provided not only with great natural beauty, but it is also popular for its vibrant, colorful history and rich cultural heritage. It was a Princely State managed by the Jadeja family of Rajputs until Indian freedom in 1947. It is the quickest developing business center point of the state because of the development of concrete tiles, mosaic tiles, and such different moves in the belt.

Hanging Bridge:


The hanging bridge is one of the major tourist attractions of Morbi City. This hanging bridge is 125 m wide and passes over 233m on the Machchhu River. This bridge connected the Lukhdhirji Engineering College and Darbargadh Palace. The Hanging Bridge in Morbi makes this city more beautiful.

Om Water Resort:


Om water resort is the amazing mini water park and resort in Morbi city, which offers excellent facilities. This resort includes the swimming pool, restoring facilities, 38 rides, restaurant facilities, along with this there is security facilities available in the resort—Om water resort located in the Vanliya-Mansar Road, at Vanliya, District of Morbi in Gujarat.

The Nehru Gate:


The Nehru gate is one of the heritage sites in Morbi city. Previously this gate was known as the ‘Nagar Darwaza’ in which ‘Nagar’ means city and the ‘Darwaza’ means ‘entryway.’ After then this gate was renamed as the ‘Nehru Gate’ to pay attention to Pandit Jawarharlal Nehru. This captivating door has a focal clock tower. The Nehru Gate is beautifully made up of stone and of Rajput architecture.

Darbargadh Royal Palace:


Darbargadh Royal Palace is located in Morbi City. This royal palace was first established in 1540 AD, but now this palace is modified into the luxurious hotel and open for all. Darbargadh Royal palace is the amazing hotel with perfect work of art and offers facilities to the peoples.

LE College In Morbi:


LE College or Lukhdhirji Engineering College is one of the most established designing educational institutes in Morbi City, which was set up by the Maharaja of Morbi to offers advanced education in the state. LE College’s building is another European style old engineering building.

Chronology Morbi:


Morvi City is the most amazing city in Gujarat. The Morvi city is spelled in many ways, such as Morvee city or Morbi city. Kyanji established the Morbi city in 1698 and made it independent of Kutch. Later his grandson Rawaji strengthened Morbi and extended the territory. He had some contribution to the development of the city.

Mani Mandir:


Mani Mandir is the immense destination to visit in Morbi city. This beautiful mandir is the symbol of love. The Mani Mandir was established by the Thakor Saheb Sir Waghji to memorialize his love for a girl whose name was Manibai (Mani). Mani Mandir the temple complex of Shri Laxmi Narayan, Radha Krishan, and Lord Shiva. This temple is one of the excellent examples of temple architecture in India.

Morbi is the magnificent city having lots of tourist destinations and things to do, so you must visit this amazing place.

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