Mahabaleshwar is roosted on a stature of 1372 meters above ocean level in Satara area, around 115 kilometers southwest of Pune. 25 in numbers, the “Focuses” in Mahabaleshwar will give you stunning perspectives of the mountains and valleys from various point.

In days of yore, Mahabaleshwar was known as Malcolm Peth and was affected by the remote hands in the improvement of this bumpy resort. Aside from that its royal past is reflected in the provincial chateaus and palatial structures that remind the guest about the lavishness of aesthetic bore of the former era.

Known as Malcolm Peth in past, this slope station in Maharashtra will help you to remember its magnificent past with its frontier structures, dazzling chateaus. As the base of five flawless streams, the grand magnificence of Mahabaleshwar presents marvelous vistas, which enchants the voyagers.

It is beautiful slope resort settled in the lap of sky-scrapping mountain scopes of the Western Ghats. It offers an entrancing perspective of the taking off crests, rich valleys, shimmering waterways and verdant timberlands.

Mahabaleshwar offers a restoring vibe where you can appreciate beguiling perspectives of nature taking care of business. There are numerous things to do in Mahabaleshwar, for example, sculling, horse riding, trekking and dawn and dusk viewing. Other than this, one can wander around the bazaars for shopping.

Best time: Mahabaleshwar is open for voyagers consistently. In any case, April to June is viewed as the best time to visit this picturesque slope town amid summer. Numerous additionally want to visit this visitor destination in July to absorb the normal magnificence upon the storm’s landing. On the off chance that your energy is to appreciate the sizzles of nature in loose surroundings, Mahabaleshwar is the place you ought to make a beeline for.

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