Lonavla is a prevalent town and a slope station in the Pune area of Maharashtra. This slope station is situated on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and is around 111.5 kms from Mumbai. Lonavla is acclaimed for a well known sweet known as “chikki” and is likewise a noteworthy vacationer stop-over amongst Mumbai and Pune. The rich cover of green encompassing this slope station springs to life amid the Monsoon season. Numerous prominent Bollywood movies have utilized the beautiful background of Lonavla which is honored with waterfalls, lakes and greenery. The name “Lonavla” is gotten from “Len” and “Avali” that generally means ‘the resting spot of stones’. This beautiful slope station was at first a part of the Yadava administration. Later, the Mughals utilized this wonderful slope station as a key area against their opponents. In 1871, Lonavla and the sister slope station, Khandala, were found by Lord Elphinstone. Adjacent attractions are Lohgarh fortress, Lion Point, Tiger Point and the Duke’s Nose. With a populace of 60,000 souls, Lonavla is must-visit slope station in transit amongst Mumbai and Pune.

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Spots To See

At the point when in Lonavla, there are an assortment of spots a visitor ought to visit. Aside from the amazing perspectives of the rich green trees and bushes, the slopes, the waterfalls and the Lonavla Chikki, there is significantly more to see at this perplexing slope station. Visitors can visit Khandala also, which is a neighboring slope station. The Karla, Bhaja and Bhedsa holes are an absolute necessity visit for those needing to absorb medieval magnificence. There are a couple slope station focuses that offer a colossal perspective, some of them being Rajmachi Point, Tiger Point, Lion Point, Duke’s Nose and Shooting Point. The Wax Museum is found 3 km from the railroad station is a genuinely new fascination for sightseers. The Tungarli Lake and dam are additionally worth going by, particularly, amid the storm season. For those looking for history-based experiences, the Lohgarh Fort offers a palatial perspective of the fight station of Chhatrapati Shivaji.

Lonavala Pune MaharashtraShopping

Shopping in Lonavla is about acquiring the nearby and the most popular sweetmeat-the Lonavla ‘Chikki’. The various types of chikkis are accessible in an assortment of flavors and no vacationer ought to leave the slope station without purchasing a pack brimming with them! A couple spots where chikkis can be bought are ‘Maganlals’, ‘A1’, and ‘Coopers’.

Eating Out

There are numerous delicious eateries accessible in abundance in Lonavla. Gujarati sustenance is greatly famous at this slope station and ought not be missed. Vacationers ought to attempt the neighborhood ‘vada pao’, Masala Chai and broiled corn served by nearby sellers all around the town. For those needing to eat south Indian nourishment, “Kamat”s” is a famous eatery in Lonavla that serves lip-smacking luxuries.

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By Road

Lonavla is arranged on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and is very much associated with a few towns in Maharashtra, for example, Karjat, Dabhade and Khopoli.

By Rail

Lonavla is very much associated via train too. Nearby prepares from Pune stop over at Lonavla and trains employing amongst Mumbai and Pune additionally stop at Lonavla. The closest railroad station is the Karjat Railway station.

Lonavla is an enduring most loved for those making a trip from Mumbai to Pune or the other way around. This slope station is an incredible weekend getaway and is found not very a long way from two major urban areas Mumbai and Pune. Settled in the Western Ghats, Lonavla is arranged at a stature of 625 meters above ocean level and guarantees a genuinely remarkable, slope station experience.

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