Lakshadweep, which means destination, is an archipelago of 12 atolls, 3 reefs and 6 submerged banks. Concealed at 220-240 km, these islands contain 4200 sq km of tidal pond and 36 islands that cover a region of 32 sq km. The most alluring elements of the islands are the completely clear water and the fascinating assortments of marine greenery.

The main sight that meets the eye is the lavish green forest of tall coconut trees. Here, coconut is the main business crop. Flanking the coconut palms are some wonderful dark green bushes like Kanni, Cholam, Chavok, Punna and Cheerani.

Lakshadweep Climate Check

The atmosphere of Lakshadweep is sticky, warm and lovely. No particular seasons are experienced. An expansion in temperature can be seen moving from south to north. April and May are the most sweltering months with temperature achieving 32 degrees centigrade. The southwest storm touches base in June and proceeds till October. Normal precipitation records 10-40 mm.

Attractions Around

Verdure and Fauna

The rich number of tall green coconut trees is really a display. The vegetation of this union domain incorporate bread-natural product, jack organic product, wild almond, banana, colocasia and drumstick. Coconut is the main harvest that is monetarily critical. There are various dark green bushes to be seen.

Lakshadweep is honored with a rich, involved and outlandish marine life. Cash cowries(Cyprea Monita) can be found in wealth in the shallow tidal ponds and reefs. Cyprea Talpa and Cyprea Maculifera can likewise be found here. Loner crab is a typical sight. To be delighted in are some lovely coral fish like parrot fish (Callyedon Sordidus), butterfly angle (Chacetodon Suriga), and specialist fish (Acanthurus Lineotus).


a percentage of the boss islands that merit going to are Agatti (459 km from Cochin), Bangaram (459 km from Cochin), Kadmat (407 km from Cochin), Kalpeni (287 km from Cochin), Kavaratti (404 km from Cochin) and Minicoy (398 km from Cochin).

Society Arts

Society ArtsThe union region of Lakshadweep can give you some exceptional snippets of your lives, for the islands are no less rich and dynamic as far as workmanship and move shapes. Kolkali and Parichakali are the two well known fine arts. Magma is an intriguing move structure, with a portion of the developments taking after the northeastern society move frames.

Individuals and Culture

Dresses of ladies are no less vivid than the shades of the Lakshadweep dusks. They wear a Kachi, made of silk and normally red with a dark boder. A body embracing weaved coats frames the upper part of the dress. A delightful scarf Thattam with silver and gold strings can be seen hanging freely over the head. Men can be seen wearing lungis. In the Minicoy island, be that as it may, the youthful like to wear pants.

Achieving Options

The Lakshadweep islands are all around limked to the terrain by boat and air. Agatti and Bangaram islands can be effectively come to by boat from Kochi. The boats offer various convenience choices. There are offices like video appears, cafeteria, lunch room, lounge, specialist accessible if the need arises and so on.

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