Kamshet Pune Maharashtra

Kamshet Pune Maharashtra

Kamshet is a slope station in Maharashtra situated at around 2200 ft above ocean level. Tasty green cover, tranquil lakes and undulating uneven landscapes make it an impeccable occasion goal. Settled in the Western Ghats around 118 km from Mumbai, Kamshet straddles the antiquated exchange course between the Konkan locale and Pune. Kamshet is around 56 km from Pune and 11 km from Lonavala and is open by street and rail from both Mumbai and Pune. The slopes in and around Kamshet are specked with old buckle sanctuaries and medieval posts.

The world-class paragliding facilities attract a large number of flying-sport aficionados to Kamshet. Soaring over the Pawna Lake and gliding over the beautiful countryside, provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you don’t have the stomach for flying, you can also just watch enthusiasts, trek up the Tower Hill, Shelar or Kondeshwar Cliff. Apart from paragliding, you can also visit the Kondeshwar Temple, Bhairi Caves and Bhandar Dongar.

paragliding in kamshet indiaParagliding in Kamshet: Kamshet is one of the top spots in India to encounter the vibe of paragliding completely. With highly experienced coasting schools and coaches, Kamshet is that center point for parasailing where you can securely enjoy the game and make it a standout amongst the most rethinking encounters of your life.

Kamshet gives paragliding chances to all sort of individuals, including paragliding schools for apprentices and the individuals who need to take in the game legitimately. Nirvana enterprises is the most well known gathering here which sorts out and runs programs for paragliding. There are a couple of other experience exercises like shake climbing and water sports which are sorted out here. There are a couple paragliding spots here including Shinde Wadi Hills, Kondeshwar Cliff, Tower Hill and Shelar.

kondeshwar temple indiaKondeshwar Temple: Developed utilizing stones, the sanctuary speaks to an antiquated Hemadpanti style of engineering. The rough territory makes it an unpleasant scale to the sanctuary and hence rainstorm visits are not fitting.

The sanctuary is committed to Lord Shiva with a few different holy places in the region. Shri Khateshwar Maharaj Samadhi, a lake and a waterfall are likewise situated in the premises.

pavana lake kamshet indiaPavana Lake: Shaped by the Pavana dam, is a simulated lake with the Lohgad, Tikona and Tungi fortresses, arranged close by.

Different attractions situated in the closeness to the lake are the Bushy dam, Nagphanj, Rajmachi indicate name a couple.

Pavana Dam is developed over the Pavana River. This is a decent place to invest some energy with family and companions. The backwaters of this dam give a magnificent view. The route from Lonavla to Pavana Dam is 20 km; 40 minutes travel from Lonavla.

bedsa caves kamshet indiaBedsa Caves Kamshet: Found marginally a long way from Kamshet, Bhedsa hollows are one of the most seasoned caverns of Maharashtra.

These are arranged on a messy sloping area. Known for their delightful, choice carvings, the hollows contain four 25 feet high columns. The principle surrender called the “Chaitya” has a petition corridor that cherishes a superb stupa.

bhandar dongar kamshet indiaBhandar Dongar:Bhandara dongar is a slope, which is prevalently known as the Temple Hill. An old sanctuary situated here is committed to a holy person, Sant Tukaram. Different exercises like hang floating and paragliding are directed on this slope.

The ‘Bhandara dongar(Hill)’ is sufficiently long to cover more towns. It is more renowned in Dehu where holy person Tukaram were conceived and worked for devotee’s. He got his insight and composed many Abhanga’s on Bhandara dongar. At the last he gone to Vaikunth from bhandara dongar.

This place got every religious perspective the same number of holy people worked in towns Bhandara covers.

shinde wadi hills indiaShinde Wadi Hills: Shinde wadi hills is a paragliding take off point. This spot is ideal for the paragliding beginners as the take off height is just about 100 to 200 feet above the ground level.
Madhavrao Shinde’s soldiers are believed to have ambushed and fire from the hilltop of Shinde wadi during the battle against British.

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