Jalgaon Maharashtra

Jalgaon Maharashtra

Jalgoan is the wonderful city situated in the north-west area of the State of Maharashtra. This place lies in an elevation area just south of the Tapti River. Jalgoan is beautifully enclosed by Ajanta mountain ranges in the south and Satpuda mountain ranges in the north. This place is affluent in volcanic soil, which is best for cotton production.

Jalgoan is well-known to have the purest form of Gold and sold at the excellent prices. Along with this, the main business center for pulses, bananas, and tea. The temperature of Jalgoan varies from 10 to 48 degrees Celsius as it receives the average rainfall of about 690 mm. This place has a pleasant climate and popularly known for it’s several amazing and enchanting tourist destinations.

Waghur Dam Jalgaon:

waghur-dam-jalgaon-indiaWaghur Dam is an amazing earth-fill dam situated on the Waghur River close to the Varadsim and Kandari, Jalgaon, Maharashtra, state of India. This river flows from its source close to the Ajanta by the Khandesh district. The Water Resources Department of Maharashtra starts the construction of this major irrigation project in the year of 1978. The main motive of this Dam is to supply the water to Jalgoan city.

J.K Park Jalgaon:


J.K Park is one of the perfect tourist destinations to visit in Jalgoan, Maharashtra. This Park is situated close to the Mehrun garden. J.K Park comprises several attractions such as parrots, a variety of rabbits and sparrows, and a very famous Park for the children. The main attraction of this Park is a pond, which is named “Mehrun Talaav.” This beautiful pond in J.K Park offers amazing views of sunset and full of water during the year.

Kargil Chowk Chopda Jalgaon:


Chopda is a town situated in the Jalgaon region in Maharashtra, a state in the western area of India. The amazing town Chopda is connected by roads to the rest of the Jalgaon area and to Yaval and Amalner and lies on the banks of the Ratnavati River. Chopda is deliberately situated as one of the significant stations on the Maharashtra-Madhya Pradesh border. The Tapi River is 10 km away from the Chopda.

Omkareshwar Temple Jalgaon:


Omkareshwar Temple is a beautiful Hindu Temple situated in the Jalgoan. There are two basic sanctuaries of Lord Shiva in this place, one is Omkareshwar, which located on the island, and the other is Amareshwar, which located in the south bank of Narmada River on the land. This is a perfect destination to explore in Jalgoan.

Bahadarpur Fort Jalgaon:


Bahadarpur Fort is one of the amazing tourist attractions to visit in Jalgoan. This enchanting fort lies on the banks of Bori River, which is close to Parola and Amalner. In the year of 1596, the Bahadarpur Fort was assembled by the Bharadurkhan Suri. Later this fort was captured by the Peshwas and Britishers. This fort has two massive fortifications and bulwark at the side of the Bori River. One of fortification is 40 feet tall, and the Bulwarks are 20 feet high from the river.

Mehrun Lake Jalgaon:


Mehrun Lake is the most beautiful and natural lake and also the best tourist spot situated close to the Jalgoan. This lake is surrounded by many parks which attract many peoples. This is the finest place for nature admirers and peace lovers. This beautiful lake is the pride of Jalgoan. Mehrun Lake is also used by the people of Bihar for the Chhatt Puja celebration.

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