Faridkot Punjab

Faridkot  Punjab

Faridkot is the small city located in south-western Punjab, India. Today, Faridkot is considered as one of the largest cotton markets in South Asia. This city is named after the Baba Farid, the Sufi (Muslim mystic), who was considered as the first main Punjabi poet. It is the base camp of the Faridkot region. The Faridkot firstly carved out of the Ferozpur and Bathinda districts in the year of 1972. This city is mainly populated by Sikhs and houses the wonderful Gurudwaras and monuments. Faridkot city is the most popular among travelers from across the country.

Gurudwara Guru ki Dhab:


Gurudwara Guru Ki Dhab is one of the enchanting monument in Faridkot. This amazing Gurudwara is situated in a small village, Guru ki Dhab which is 12 km away from Kotkapura on the Kotkpura –Jaitu road. Gurudwara Guru Ki Dhab is also known as the Doda Taal and Gurudwara Patshahi Dasvin. It is believed by the people that Guru Gobind Singh visited this place while passing through the village.

Gurudwara Godari Sahib:


Gurudwara Godari Sahib is located close to the Qila Mubarak, for 4km away from the Faridkot-Kotkapura road. The Gurudwara was established in the year of 1982, and later, a Sant Sarovar was constructed at this beautiful site. It is believed by the people that Baba Sheik Farid left his coat here.

Quilla Mubarak:


Quilla Mubarak is one of the beautiful heritage sites in Faridkot. This heritage site was established by Raja Mokalsi and was reconstructed by Raka Hamir Singh. The infrastructure of this fort includes a lovely garden inside the complex. Different structures display inside the complex, such as Modi Khana, Tosha Khana, and Treasury. These were built by Raja Balbir Singh and Raja Bikram Singh.



Kotkapura is the historical city which is 40 km away from the Moga and 50 km away from the Bathinda. Kotkapura has the biggest cotton market and the largest town in Faridkot District. This city is also known as the ‘City of White Gold’ because of its amazing cotton market.

Darbar Ganj:


Darbar Ganj is the well-known devise building in the Faridkot. In the ancient period, the royal family has used this building as the guest house. Now, this building is catered as the office of the Commissioners of Faridkot department and Circuit House. This heritage building has the amazing infrastructure and is encircled with the enchanting gardens. The beautiful building of Darbar Ganj attracts several tourists.

Raj Mahal Faridkot:


Raj Mahal is situated in the heart of Faridkot. This amazing mahal was constructed during the rule of Maharaja Bikram Singh between 1885-1889 and under the supervision of Balbir Singh. In the ancient period, this Raj Maha; is catered as the residence of the royal family. Now, this Mahal is occupied by the family of Maharaja Bikram Singh. The Raj Mahal has a beautiful garden in its complex and has amazingly designed towers. The walls of Mahal is designed with the edifice and wonderful antique paintings.

Shahi Haveli Hotel:


Shahi Haveli Hotel in Faridkot is established to offering unique and delicious hospitality services. The Hotel Shahi Haveli offers luxury facilities to guests. The Shahi Haveli is well-known is Faridkot city for its mouth-watering menus such as North India, South Indian, Italian, and Chinese. This hotel also has facilities for the enjoyment of children.

Faridkot is the most enchanting and wonderful place to visit, with its beautiful Gurudwaras and heritage buildings.

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