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Diphu is the headquarter of East Karbi Anglong area in the province of Assam in India. This residential community is a prevalent traveler slope station for individuals of adjacent urban areas. A few places on the world guide give you a blend of different components to keep your vacation ‘soul pressed’. Diphu in Assam is one such place that gives you a chance to appreciate in isolation the greatness of nature and overcome the difficulties the extent of nature offers. You could loosen up and unwind in the midst of the lavish greenery around or get bold and investigate the secrets of nature here.

Botanical Garden:


Arranged 5 km from Diphu, the Botanical Garden houses an extensive variety of plants and trees. Restorative plants, herbs and blossoms in substantial numbers are seen here. The environment of the garden excites nature sweethearts. The garden is an awesome place to go for a walk. The lake in the Botanical Garden has drifting offices. Generally speaking, it is a flawless cookout spot and an enjoyment for plant darlings.

Region Museum:


Built up in the year 1886, The District Museum has a superb gathering of ancient rarities that have high archeological esteem. The gallery mirrors the way of life of the land. A portion of the accumulations seen here incorporate antiquated adornments, melodic instruments, chasing devices and angling supplies. Handlooms and materials mirroring the way of life of Diphu are accessible here.



Spread over a zone of 13 hectares of land, Arboretum is a sublime result of arranged scene. It is arranged 8 km far from Diphu. The backwoods division around there keeps up this rich green heaven, which has an extensive variety of neighborhood vegetation. Arboretum is a standout amongst the most supported cookout spots in this land.

Taralangso Cultural Center:


Taralangso Cultural Center was set up to sort out shows of different tribal moves. Karbi Cultural Society keeps up the middle, which has an open assembly hall and amphitheater. You could appreciate tribal moves of different tribal groups in the inside, which is situated at a picturesque scene.



Umwang is a standout amongst the most appealing vacationer goals close Diphu. You would love the picturesque condition as this 35 sq. km of prairie is encompassed by waterways on three sides offering a fabulous view. A portion of the attractions in this place incorporate hitting the fairway, hang floating, horse riding and boating on Barapani River. The wonderful environment and the outside exercises raise your spirits to extraordinary statures.

Kaziranga National Park:


Kaziranga National Park is situated in the Indian province of Assam. The ensured territory was built up in 1904 after the endeavors of Lady Curzon, the spouse of Lord Curzon, the then Viceroy of India under the British Raj. Today’ the recreation center is spread around a zone of 430 square kilometers and is otherwise called a noteworthy ‘Tiger Reserve’ in India.

Diphlu River Lodge:


Diphlu River Lodge is a definitive withdraw for voyagers looking for an energizing Indian wild experience. The eco-stop lives in an unparalleled vicinity to the doors of the Kaziranga National Park, parkland rich with Indian rhinoceros, elephants and Bengali tigers. The cabin offers astounding accommodation, untamed life aptitude and customized encounters for all visitors. And in addition sorting out jeep safaris, they can likewise orchestrate dolphin safaris, visits to tribal towns, and tea manor strolls.

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