Bardhaman West Bengal

Bardhaman West Bengal

Bardhaman is a fantastic city situated in the West Bengal state of India. With the concurrence of nature, religion, and man-made marvels, this place is the perfect fit for a weekend gateway. It is a city and a municipality in the state of West Bengal. Burdwan is an alternative name for the city. The origin of this name back to the 6th century BCE and is assigned to Vardhaman Swami and Mahavira. Bardhaman city is the headquarters of the Purba Bardhaman district. During the period of British rule, the city become a district capital. This city comprises numerous tourist attractions to explore.

108 Shiva Mandir:


108 Shiva Mandir is one of the amazing pilgrimage site in Bardhman, West Bengal. This temple is moat enticing and structure in all of the Bradhaman. The major reason is known as the 108 Shiva temple because there are 108 small temples are constructed side by side in an amazingly vertical pattern. The beauty of this temple attracts numerous visitors.108 Shiva temple is nestled in the Nawabhat, which was once known for the battles of Pathans and Mughals.

Damodar River:


Damodar River is one of the attractions in Bardhaman town of West Bengal. This river is flowing across the Indian states of West Bengal and Jharkhand. Previously known as the Sorrow of Bengal because of its demolishing floods in the West Bengal plain areas, the Damodar and its tributaries have been enslaved with the construction of numerous dams. There are several tributaries and sub-tributaries of this river.

Deer Park Bardhaman:


Deer Park is a fabulous destination to explore in Bardhaman. This park is Bardhman’s very own small dose of Wildlife. Along with deer, this park also comprises the other animals such as leopards, tigers, and numerous birds. If you want to spend a night in the park, then there is also a guest house for tourists.

Sanskriti Lokomancha:


Sanskriti Lokomancha is an auditorium in the Bardhaman city of West Bengal. It is spread on 1 acre of land area, and the auditorium comprises 1400 seats. This Sanskriti Lokomancha was established in the year of 1993 and present films of Bardhaman Chalachitra Kendra. In the previous days of the East India Company, this place was utilized for keeping gun powder. This auditorium also hosts several cultural programs and discussion sessions as well.

Christ Church:


Christ Church is one of the pilgrimage sites in Bardhaman. This red-brick church was established under the supervision of Captain Charles Stuart of the East India Company in the year of 1816. The Church also has picked the fabulous styles and designs from the British Architecture. The Christ Church is still very well maintained and lie between a well-trimmed courtyard.

Meghnad Saha Planetarium:


The Meghnad Saha Planetarium was established by the praised Japanese Goto, an optical assembling organization. It was spread on 5.1 acres of land area offered by Burdwan University and with the assistance of the Government of India and Japan and, in addition, average citizens. The planetarium shows appear on the disturbance of earth, the close planetary system, and others in the programmed display.

Science Center of Burdwan:


The Science Center of Burdwan offers a considerable measure of data on science. The session of moving inflatables, balls, the enchantment of science, the mystery behind flying items, and others are shown here. Several displays, along with interesting seminars and classes, are showcased in this science center. The Science Center is a result of the joint exertion by the Central Government, Government of West Bengal, and the University of Burdwan.

Golap Bagh :


Gopal Bagh is also the best place to visit in Bardhaman. The Gopal bagh, which signifies the garden of roses id feasibly the most amazing tourist attraction in Bardhaman. It is set up by the King Bijoy Chand Mahatab in the year of 18884. Gopal Bagh is a Zoological and Botanical garden. It is believed by the people this garden comprising more than 150 unique trees such as mango, eucalyptus, casuarina, and shimul.

Kalyaneshwari Temple :


Kalyaneshwari temple is one of the wonderful temples in Bardhaman city of West Bengal. This temple is a 500-year-old temple. Kalyaneshwari temple is nestled on the banks of the Barakar River. This temple was established by the Panchkot Raj. It is believed by the people this temple of Goddess Kalyaneshwari fulfills the wishes of childless women. This temple attracts several visitors every year.

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