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Balaghat is one of the best cities in Madhya Pradesh, state of India. This city is an administrative headquarters of the Balaghat district. The Wainganga river flows beside the town. Balaghat city lies in a plateau area at the southern base of the Satpura Range. This city is situated 95 miles south of Jabalpur. Balaghat earlier consisted of two villages Burha and Burhi, which together were a municipality in the year 1877. It is a primary road and rail junction, and it is an agricultural trade and manganese-mining center. Nowadays, Balaghat district is a part of the Red Corridor. This city is also the best tourist place which attracts the huge number of tourists.


Lanji Fort :


Lanji Fort is one of the ancient forts to explore in Balaghat. This ancient fort is from Great King Sangram Shah’s 52 bastions. Now the castle remains in the fort, the princess Haldas’s grandfather Malukuma established in the 12th century. This fort was set up in a total of 7 acres of land area. Lanji Fort has nestled around 62 km from the district headquarters Balaghat. The main gateway of this fort is oriented towards the center of which is the symbol of the tortoise and the sign of the snake.

Crescent Resort Near Balaghat:


Crescent Resort is one of the amazing resort close to the Balaghat. This resort offers the finest services to its guest. Crescent Resort is a super luxury resort sprawled over and area of lush green vegetation, adds joy to this city of lakes. The crescent resort offers amazing décor, fantastic expanse, and fabulous hospitality. To enjoy the holiday trip crescent resort is the best place to stay.

Lanji Temple:


Lanji is nestled near to the Madhya Pradesh’s border with Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra. Lanji has a Hindu temple in the fort. It is having several statues such as Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lanjkai considered as the Goddess of the town. The Lanji town also homes to the Koteshwar Shiva temple, which is regarded as the divine by the people in Balaghat.

Wildlife Sanctuarie Near Balaghat:


Kanha national park is the nearest wildlife sanctuary from Balaghat. The Khana national park is also known as the Kanha Tiger Reserve. It is one of the largest national parks of Madhya Pradesh. Nowadays, the Kanha national park is divided into two sanctuaries, such as Hallon and Banjar. This national park comprises several species like tigers, leopards, wild dogs, foxes, and many more.

Gangulpara Tank and Waterfall:


Gangulpara Tank and Waterfall is also an amazing place to visit in Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh. It is nestled 14 kilometers from Balaghat. This waterfall lies on the Baihar road. Gangulpara Dam and Waterfall is a fabulous blend of natural beauty and splendor. This is the finest picnic spot for the locals. Gangulapara dam and waterfall is enclosed with lots of hills and lush green vegetation.

Dhuty Dam:


Dhuty Dam is another best place to explore in Balaghat. This dam is diversion headwork over Wainganga River close to the Lamta in Balaghat district. Dhuty Dam was established in 1923 under the supervision of the British civil engineer Sir Geirge Moss Harriot. This dam comprises the two canals on the side of the dam.

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