Aurangabad is the most gone to and biggest city of focal Maharashta. The city is named after Aurangzeb, who built up a capital here in 1633. Prior in its history, it was known as Khadke. The city is additionally developing as a modern focus, with silk fabrics as the significant business. Aurangabad has various attractions, other than the world celebrated EIlora and Ajanta caverns, found adjacent.

Zone : 10106 sq km

Populace : 29,20,548 (approx.)

Spots to see :

» Panchakki – Panchakki, actually significance Water Wheel, is a noteworthy fascination of Aurangabad. The factory is viewed as a wonder of designing. It is driven by water that is brought through earthen funnels from the stream 6 km away. Adjacent is the place of worship of a holy person, Baba Shah Muzaffar, who was profound manual for Aurangzeb.

Aurangabad Caves» Bibi Ka Maquara – This tomb of Begum Rabia-ud-Durani, wife of Emperor Aurangazeb, bears a little similarity from Taj Mahal. Therefore, it is additionally called, “Poor Man’s Taj Mahal”. The landmark is a great sample of Persian Architecture, with exceedingly noteworthy look. Regardless of the fact that not contrasted and Taj, the landmark has its own particular appeal and has been pulling in visitor far and wide.

» Himroo Factory – This customary processing plant, arranged in the old town close Zaffar Gate, produces hand-woven Himroo shawls from cotton, silk and silver strings. This craftsmanship, known as Kam Khab, is thought to be a less expensive distinct option for the prized brocades of silk and gold string. The Himroo shawls and saris can be found in numerous showrooms around the business sector range of Aurangabad.

» Aurangabad Caves – Keeping Ajanta and Ellora gives in aside, Aurangabad has its own particular gathering of caverns two km north of the Bibi-ka-Maqbara. They were cut out of the slope around the sixth or seventh century AD. The 10 hollows are all Buddhist. Every one of the collapses the Western gathering are called Viharas.

The most effective method to reach :

» By Air – By Air : Aurangabad airplane terminal is 10 km east of the city. Both Indian Airlines and Jet Airways have a day by day flight to Mumbai (Bombay).

» By Rail – Aurangabad is not on the fundamental railroad passage, still various trains stop here. There are two direct prepares in the middle of Aurangabad and Mumbai. There is a day by day train to Hyderabad.

» By Road – Aurangabad is very much associated with a metal street, which is agreeable and suited to all climates. The separations for a portion of the significant urban areas from Aurangabad are Pune (214 km), Nasik (218 km), Indore (402 km) and Mumbai (403 km).

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