Ambaji Gujarat India

Ambaji Gujarat India

Ambaji is a fantastic town situated in the state of Gujarat, mainly connected with the religious and pilgrimage sites. This city comprises several amazing temples, which turn out to be a wonderful architectural variety. Ambaji is a demographics town in Banaskantha district. This town is famous for its mythological and historical connections with destinations of cultural heritage. Ambaji is specifically connected with the worship of Goddess Amba and numerous temples. This place is not only connected with the wonderful places of worship with faith as old as the birth of humanity; however, it also portrays the amazing link amid nature and gods in the most captivating manner.

Gabbar Hill:


Gabbar hill is one of the amazing places to visit in Ambaji town. These hills are nestled on the Gujarat Rajasthan border. This is a place where the heart of dead Devi Sati fell. The slope lies at the height of 400 m over the ocean level and is spread over the eight sq km of the area. A holy lamp is always burning on these hills facing towards Ambaji temple, and there are 999 steps leading to this sacred temple.

Ambaji Temple:


Ambaji temple is a wonderful temple nestled close to the Khodiyar Chowk; the Ambaji Mata Temple is a noteworthy Shakti Peetha in India. This temple is located at the mouth of the river Saraswati. Ambaji is a vital temple town with millions of pilgrims visiting the Amabji temple every year. It is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas. In the sacred temple of Arasuri Ambaji, the sacred Shree visa Yantra is worshiped as the primary Goddess as there is no statue or image of Goddess. Ambaji also comprises six other holy places Varahi Mata, Khodiyar Mata, Ambikeshwar Mahadev, and Hanuman Temples.

Shri Koteshwar Mahadev Temple:


Shri Koteshwar Mahadev Temple is another wonderful pilgrimage site. This temple is nestled 8 km far from Ambaji and close to the Saraswati River. Shri Koteshwar Mahadev Temple is lies amid the vast sea area and desert area of Kutch. The temple, besides the Valmiki Mahadev Mandir, was constructed by the Maharana Pratap. A sacred kind is nestled close to the most visited places by visitors and pilgrims.

Mangalya Van:


Mangalya Van is situated atop a hillock that is Kailash tekri across a 1.5 km from the Ambaji Temple on the Khedbrahma Highway. It is a unique garden and an amazing tourist attraction to explore. Tourists can enjoy a splendid view of numerous water bodies present at this destination. The astrologers trusted that the plants, herbs, and saplings in this Van have astrological importance. This can be established by the forest department, and its USP is a unique Rashi Van.

Poshina Ambaji:


Poshina is also a perfect place to explore in Amabji Town. This place is nestled 18 km far from the main town of Ambaji in the Sabarkantha district. Poshina is home to a tribal holy place where you can find the astounding scene of the number of terracotta horses standing in tows as providing to the local Goddess. The horses were found close to the villages made by the local people. In this place, the visitors can also find unique tribal communities like Garasias, Rabaris, and Bhils in the village.

Balaram Ambaji Wildlife Sanctuary:


Balaram Ambaji Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the wonderful tourist attractions to visit in Ambaji town. This wildlife sanctuary is spread over the 542.08 sq km of land area. Balaram Ambaji wildlife sanctuary is 16.7 km far from the Ambaji town and is nestled in the northern part of Gujarat on the Aravalli hills. This wildlife sanctuary was established by the State Government on 7th August 1989 with the motive of offering propagation, security, and expansion of wildlife.

 Kumbhariya Jain Temples:


Kumbhariya Jain Temples are a group of various Jain Temples. These temples are wonderful pilgrimage sites to visit in the Ambaji town of Gujarat state. Kumbhariya Jain temple was established about 900 years ago. The group of temples is devoted to the five Jain Mahavira, Tirthankaras, Neminath, Sambhavanath, Shantinath, and Parshvanath. The temples are nestled at a distance of 2.2 km from Ambaji in the district of Banaskantha, Gujarat.

 Siyava Valley Resort:


Siyava valley resort is an amazing resort situated near to the Ambaji. This resort is spread over 150000 sq. Feet range with straggling rich green yards. Siyava Valley Resort is one of the best resorts to plan a family trip close to Abu road. The swimming pool and the garden of this wonderful resort make it a perfect place weekend gateway. The Siyava valley resort features river and mountain views from the three sides. The rooms of this resort are amazingly decorated with state-of-art facilities.

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