Wildflower Hall Shimla – Luxury in Adobe of Himalayas

Wildflower Hall Shimla – Luxury in Adobe of Himalayas

Chharbara is 13 kms from main town of Shimla and is at height of 8250 feet from sea level. A Wildflower Hall is one of the Luxury Hotel of Oberoi is situated there to provide visitor with the facilities of Natural Hiking, Cycling, Yoga or get the benefit of tremendous Spa treatment of Wildflower Hall. There you can experience the Luxury of Oberoi along with natural area visit in adobe of Himalayas.


Tourists looking for the calm and clean space with good eating cuisine and space then Wildflower Hall Shimla is best place to visit. Wildflower Hall Shimla has good eating space with glass studio and open air area to one side with amazing view of Himalayas. The menu of Wildflower Hall Shimla highlights the Indian food (Himachali Cuisines) Asian and Continental foods. The walls are decorated with antique war memorial which summarize the brilliant history.

Hall is ideal for private and luxurious parties. Wildflower Hall Shimla offers medications and unmatched spa facilities in Shimla. The spa of Oberoi in Shimla provides Back rub, Yoga and Ayurvedic medications at best area around the hotel and gardens.Outdoor air is freshness of Himalayas which makes you feel wonderful and indoors are available with temperature controlled ac rooms and halls.

Rooms & Suites In Wildflower Hall:

The Luxury Suites consist of extensive long room and have shooting place its covered with good carpet and printed couches with clear view of Himalayas from windows. It is spread in the area of around 1450 square feet (135 square meter). This consist of main room with bed for twin visitor and two Spanish marble washrooms.


The Oberoi Spa:

Wildflower Hall Shimla spa offers Back Rub, Showering, Yoga and Ayurvedic Medicines and spa area near the hotel and garden. Our outdoor atmosphere is great perspective of Himalayas while the indoor area is decorated with precious stone crystal fixture and is temperature controlled.

Yoga In The Himalayas:

In Wildflower Hall Shimla we organize private yoga sessions which are situated to the visitor of any age and any level of requirement. As per single need our main mediator show the breathing and other procedures. Yoga that relax your body and brain.

The Hotel Experience:

There you can experience the best cuisines made by our master chefs and you can enjoy it in the excellent view of timberland around wildflower hall. Tourists can pick their lunch from our menu before moving to timberland.

Dining In Wildflower Hall:

Tourists looking for best cuisines in shimla can enjoy the amazing food at indoor eating space of wildflower hall shimla. A glass cabins with seating area and outside porch to the direct view of Himalayas.

Events In Wildflower Hall:

In the Wildflower Hall Shimla the ground floor is organized for the events. The Lawrance Hall can be used for the events with two separate halls. whereas Auckland Hall is for the little gathering.

Pools In Wildflower Hall:

Wildflower Hall Shimla consist of warm indorr and open air pools. Along with Pan Asian and European cuisines you can enjoy the pool area of the WIldflower hall to direct view of Himalayas. Indian food is served at Lutyens Restaurant while The Coffee Shop highlights a universal menu.
Wildflower Hall Shimla is always open for its visitors and provide best hospitality to visitors coming to Shimla. To enjoy the Luxury services of Oberoi you can contact us or in order to further queries.

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