Una ‘Gateway to Himalayas’

Una ‘Gateway to Himalayas’

Known to be the door to Himachal Pradesh, Una lies at a normal rise of 369 meters above ocean level and is the most reduced lying city in the state. Being near the province of Punjab, Una is known to be venerated for its unmistakable Sikh affected culture which recognizes it from whatever is left of the urban communities in Himachal Pradesh. With its different verifiable spots and sanctuaries, Una is another popular visitor city in Himachal Pradesh.

una-himachal-pradeshAt a rise of 1210 feet, the most blazing area in the state, Una, is alluded to as the Gateway to Himalayas. The land appears a special case in Himachal Pradesh, where the greater part of the urban areas are in the sloping district. On the off chance that you plan to visit the place in summer, you need cotton garments to make your stay agreeable.

Best places to visit in Una:

Pong Dam:

pong-dam-unaBuilt over the stream Beas, the Pong Dam is a standout amongst the most well known attractions in Una. The region is found 450 meters above ocean level and is additionally home to a Wildlife haven which contains an immense number of winged animal species and creature species like panther, deer, sambar and wild pigs. The place is extraordinary for an excursion and photography because of the few flying creatures that can be spotted here.

Chhinnamastika Devi Temple:

chhinnamastika-devi-temple-unaChintpurni sanctuary is considered as a standout amongst the most essential of the 51 Shakti Peetha in India. The temple of the Goddess Sati is accepted to have fallen at this place. The sanctuary is arranged at a height of 950 meters above ocean level and is devoted to the Hindu god Maa Chandi or Chinnamastika.

Thaneek Pura:

thaneek-pura-una-himachalThe Hill station of Thaneek Pura is situated close to the Chintpurni Temple and is arranged at a normal height of 950 meters above ocean level. The slope station is celebrated for its different sanctuaries and fairs which are gone to and frequented by an enormous number of pioneers from the Hindu and Sikh people group in India. Thaneek Pura is additionally renowned for its different treks trails that transverse through the absolute most astonishing areas loaded with nature and experience.


kaleshwar-temple-una-himachalWhile the present structure of the Temple is accepted to be 400 hundred years of age, the Kaleshwar sanctuary was initially worked by the Pandavas amid their outcast and was finished by the Katoch Dynasty in India. The sanctuary is devoted to Lord Shiva and is worshipped as a place as heavenly as Haridwar in Uttarakhand. Kaleshwar Temple is additionally acclaimed for its yearly reasonable sorted out between the times of May and June and is frequented by a huge number of Pilgrims.

Kila Baba Bedi Ji:

kila-baba-bedi-ji-una-himachal-pradeshA memorable tomb arranged on a mountain which offers some incredible perspectives of the environment, Kila Baba Bedi ji is a celebrated vacationer spot. The Kila is a vault worked in a fascinating Indian and Afghani structural style and is likewise known to be the hereditary place of the First Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak.

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