Shoja Kullu Manali (H.P)

Shoja Kullu Manali (H.P)

Situated in Seraj valley, Shoja is an amazingly lovely place. The mornings in Shoja are especially animating. One can simply walk around, stroll up to the glades or maybe take the pathway into the wilderness. Nature darlings can appreciate thick lush slope inclines beginning from base as far down or up or sideways or profound as one can look.

From Sojha, one can drive up to Jalori Pass. The metal street from Jalori pass leads down to Sainj and Shimla. The spot possesses large amounts of mesmerizing feel. The lake is little yet in a lovely area. Supported by moving glades on all sides, high up in the mountains, it is an untainted area for a private cabin. A little interesting little dhaba is keep running at the lake that can offer hot nourishment and rooftop overhead for overnight campers.

Best time to visit: April-October

Temperature: The Weather is charming through the season. Lovely days (light woolens) and somewhat icy evenings. Shoja gets its offer of precipitation amid July and August and snow fall end December onwards.

Step by step instructions to arrive:

Via Air: Daily flight from Delhi-Kullu-Delhi

Day by day flight from Delhi/Mumbai-Chandigarh-Delhi/Mumbai

Via Train: Daily morning and night Shatabdi from Delhi-Chandigarh

Day by day overnight prepare (Himachal Express) from Delhi-Kiratpur Sahib-Delhi

By Road: Delhi-Sojha: 480 kms/12 hrs

Chandigarh-Sojha: 240 kms/8 hrs

Kiratpur Sahib-Sojha 190 kms/6 hrs

Kullu air terminal Sojha 50 kms/2 hrs


A stroll to the waterfall Duration: 2 hours Level: Easy

This is a simple stroll of around 45 minutes to a hour from the retreat. It is a decent approach to invigorate yourself on your landing in the camp and flex those muscles tired of sitting in the vehicle. From the street head, there is a slight tough walk towards Jalori Pass. Couple of hundred meters up the street, one takes the right fork into the backwoods that prompts the waterfall.

Raghupur Fort knolls Duration: Half a day Level: Medium

In the mountains, on the off chance that you need to be compensated well by nature in its full greatness, have must make an early morning begin. The same is valid for this trek to Raghupur Fort glades that ignore the Tirthan Valley in Kulu area in the West and Shimla region in the East.

Continue walking and in a while we wind up at the feeble Raghupur Fort. The neighborhood individuals trust that a past ruler of Mandi area got this stronghold built hundred of years back. Hypotheses proliferate concerning why this stronghold was built on an edge where lack of water was an enduring issue. One of them will have us trust that this retreat was presented in defense the ruler needed to withdraw into the mountains in the event that his kingdom was assaulted by the adversary powers from the fields. However another prevalent view is that the stronghold was developed for the joy of the ruler far from according to his family and subjects. Whatever reality, the King couldn’t have picked a superior area. One look and you would not have any desire to do a reversal.

Serolser Lake Duration: Half a day Level: Medium

Himachal Pradesh, with the majority of it lying in the lap of Himalayas, has a plenitude of lakes. One such lake is in Tirthan valley (Kulu District). Found 11 kms (5 kms via auto from our retreat to Jalori Pass and 6 kms by walking from that point to the lake) from Banjara Retreat in Shoja, it is one of the better treks for the families.

A drive to Jalori pass will take 15-20 minutes from the retreat. From that point, a very much characterized trail takes one to the lake. Couple of hundred meters on the trail and after that you get into the Oak timberland. The sun beams separating through the tree cover, the blue of the sky through the foliage, the here and there of the trail, a periodic sight of a feathered creature, a clearing demonstrating the immense green vistas falling down to the Sutluj valley, every one of this and more will stay with you a charming the distance to the lake.

The lake makes up in completely clear clarity what it needs in size. The neighborhood conviction is that nobody has ever found a leaf skimming in the lake however verdant trees encompass the lake itself. You will absolutely not discover a leaf gliding in the lake.

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