Sarahan Himachal Pradesh

Sarahan Himachal Pradesh

Sarahan, a delightful village situated in the Sutlej Valley, is a noteworthy vacationer goal arranged in the Shimla District of Himachal Pradesh. This place offers guests the open door investigate nature taking care of business. Put at a normal elevation of around 2165 m above ocean level, the place is mainstream for its apple plantations, pine timberlands, little streams, provincial settings and slate roofed houses.

sarahan-shimla-himachal-pradeshThe place is peppered with mountains on the slants of which you find unlimited timberlands. In Sarahan, you locate an astonishing sanctuary related with the Bushair leaders of Rampur whose engineering comprises of both Hindu and Buddhist outlines.

apple-orchards-sarahanSarahan tourism additionally gets upgraded with the presence of the Srikhand Peak, which is related with Goddess Lakshmi. Sarahan is additionally well known for the legend of Bhimkali. It is trusted that when evil spirits assaulted Himalayas and tormented the holy people, Lord Vishnu with his supernatural forces lit fire and gathered the whole quality of the holy people into the fire. What’s more, from this fire, developed a young lady htat is accepted to be goddess Lakshmi or ‘Adishakti’.

Real places to visit in Sarahan:

Bird Park:

bird-park-sarahanThis stop is arranged near the Bhimkali Temple and this stop fills in as a fowl reproducing focus. In this stop, you additionally discover a fowl named as Monal which draws various vacationers to observe its sight.

Bhaba Valley:

bhaba-valley-sarahanThis is a capturing valley that can be spotted at a separation of 50 Km from Sarahan. The valley lies in the region of the Bhaba River. As you visit this valley, you run over elevated knolls and a lake. From this valley, you can undoubtedly head towards the Pin Valley in Spiti by trekking.

Bhimkali Temple Complex:

bhimkali-temple-complex-sarahanThis sanctuary complex comprises of various stories. Is engineering is extremely alluring as it is a blend of Buddhist and Hindu styles. The sanctuary resembles a tower and the dwelling god of this sanctuary is goddess Bhimkali. Besides, the sanctuary complex is likewise a home to Lord Raghunath or the Narsingh sanctum of Bhairon.


gaura-sarahanGaura is an amazingly beautiful area outlining the excellence of provincial rural life. It lies at a separation of 37 Km from Sarahan. It is an absolute necessity visit fascination as you visit Sarahan.


jeori-sarahanYou can spot Jeori in the north eastern piece of Shimla and it lies at a separation of 20 Km from Sarahan. Vacationers visit this spot on account of the presence of hot springs here.

Darang Ghati:

darang-ghati-sarahanThis is a charming valley that conveys you nearer to astonishing scene that is all that anyone could need to get your favor immediately.

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