Pangi – A virgin valley

Pangi – A virgin valley

Brimming with loftiness and tribal magnificence is the area bolted valley of Pangi, 173 km from Chamba by means of Sach Pass (4414 m). It is one of the sub-division of Chamba locale encompassed by the Peer Panjal and Zanskar ranges. Killar is the sub-divisional headquarter of Pangi Valley. The local Pangwals and Bhotis are vigorous, persevering, attractive individuals who keep the valley’s one of a kind society alive in people melodies, music and tribal moves. Past the span of tropical rainstorm rains, the valley is one of the odd testing tourism destinations in the State. Way to deal with the Pangi valley is over the high mountain passes like Sach, Chehni and Rohtang Pass. The Valley is remained land bolted for around six months because of substantial snow fall.

There are lovely valleys inside Pangi district like Sural, Saichu, Kumar-Parmar, Hundan and Sechu. All these valleys are associated with Zanskar. Individuals of Pangi valley are primarily Hindu with a little populace of Buddhist. These individuals with Mongolian components are called Bhots and they live in higher compasses of the valley called Bhatoris, for example, Sural Bhatori, Hundan Bhatori, Parmar Bhatori, Chasak Bhatori and Hilu-Twan. There are number of energizing treks from Pangi valley to Keylong (Lahaul valley), Manali (Kullu) and Kishtwar in Kashmir.

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The whole territory of Pangi Valley is spread in 3 valleys. These are Saichu, Hudan Bhatori and Sural Bhatori. At present, the development of connection streets is in advancement to panchyat central command of Resi, Kothi (Kariyuni), Luj, Kumar and Shoon. As indicated by an appraisal the State Govt. is spending around Rs. 5 crore consistently under various plans on the development of streets and scaffolds in Pangi tehsil.

The Saichu valley street is 22 KM from Killar and it interfaces Dharwas, Sural, Rus Unu, Tai Sural and Sural Bhaturi. Out of this so far 19 KM street length stands finished. The real street join in Pangi valley is Killar to Hudan Bhatori. It is 14.6 KM long and has been finished upto 13 KM. The connection street to Mindhal town is 3.6 KM on the limit of Lahaul and Jammu regions and it has associated panchyat headquarter of Mindhal furthermore sacred sanctuary of Mata Mindhal.

Places to Visit

  • Sural Valley
  • Saichu Valley
  • Chasak Bhatori
  • Hudan bhatori Valley
  • Det Nag Temple
  • Mindhal Mata Temple


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