Malana Himachal Pradesh

Malana Himachal Pradesh

Located amidst the rich flora and fauna of Himalayas, Malana is a tiny hamlet located on the Parvati Valley of Himachal Pradesh. The place is popularly known for the malana cream, a drug originated here. Further, this small and stunning village has its own best kept secrets for which many foreign and Indian travelers visit it to know more about this set apart existence. Being called the most ancient democracy of the world, Malana had its own village council which has been bunged and there’s a different story to this much sought after village’s origin as the locals here believe themselves as descendants of Aryans.

The picturesque panoramas of this village are the most tempting but you will find a common caution everywhere warning the tourists to not to touch the walls or step into the courtyard of any village house. Malana with all its secrets has a few places to explore but the scenic views assure you to have a wonderful time amidst the aura of Himalayas. So, here we are listing the best 2 places to discover in Malana while your visit here to let you soak in the unfathomable yet charming air of Malana.

Places to Visit in Malana:

Jamdagni Temple:

Jamdagni Temple is a significant religious site especially for Malanese. It is also said that they completely discard the tourists to touch the walls of this temple. Moreover, they have a put fine on the same and you have to be cautious about it while entering the temple. This shrine is built of wood and stone with a diverse rustic feel to it and is located at the core of the village.

The Shrine of Renuka Devi:

The Shrine of Renuka Devi attracts archaeologists for its elaborate woodwork and is remarkable in its architecture. Situated in the lower Malana, you will find the thorns of several animals that have been sacrificed are on temple’s façade with bangles of the locals which stand for femininity.

Similarity In Architecture Of Houses:

Houses in Malana are two or three storied and each storey has a specific name and purpose. The ground floor is called Khudang, which acts as a cattle shed and where the firewood and fodder for the sheep and goats are stored. The first floor called Gaying is used to store eatables, wool and for weaving woolen fabric. The top floor with an overhanging balcony is called Pati – it is the actual living quarter. The houses are built of alternate bands of stove and limber. The inner walls are plastered with mud. The outer side is entirely made up of wood and acts as a verandah.

The Malana Superiors:

They consider themselves to be superior to the rest. That is why they refrain from physical contact. Their language, Kanashi, is considered sacred and outsiders from other villages are not allowed to use the same. Tourists are not allowed to enter the temples either for they consider outsiders as untouchables.

Trek and Camp at Malana:

Have a great time with a lot of trek lovers in your group while you meet and mingle with local people in Kasol, while you stroll through the magnificent trails around the Parvathi valley and while you enjoy the sights of Malana village along with the sweet moments that would be created in Manikaran.Enthrall in this trip that provides you with stunning sceneries and the local village lifestyles and traditions from up close.Hike through lush-green thickets while enjoying the scenic landscapes comprising of a cafe with delicious food and different cuisines. Witness the diversified flora and fauna with a trip to Malana and get ready to be astonished with the scenic appeal and the tranquility of this entire place.

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