Lhalung Monastery Himachal Pradesh

Lhalung Monastery Himachal Pradesh

Lhalung Monastery likewise called as Sarkhang and Golden Temple, is one of the antiquated cloisters which was set up in late tenth century CE by Rinchen Zangpo, the ruler of western Himalayan region of Guge in Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, North India. The Word “Lhalung” implies the place where there is God. It is trusted that the Monastery has been built in one night by Gods.

landscape-at-lhalung-monastery-himachal-pradeshIt is said that the god Lhalung is the head of the considerable number of divinities in the Spiti valley and rises up out of the Tangmar mountain far from the town. It is likewise trusted that the mountain changes its shading (red and yellow) every once in a while, contingent upon the temperaments of gods. Red demonstrates the outrage and yellow demonstrates the joy. There are numerous gold leafs which are kept in the sanctuary and consequently this religious community is called Golden Temple.

kaza-pass-lhalung-valley-himachal-pradeshThe name Lhalung truly signifies ‘place that is known for the divine beings’, lha meaning gods and lung importance land. It is trusted that the divinity Lhalung is the leader of the considerable number of gods of the valley and rises up out of the Tangmar Mountain past the town. Legend has it, that the mountain changes shading every now and then, in congruity with the god’s temperament; for instance, red for outrage or yellow for satisfaction.

snow-landscape-at-lhalung-monastery-himachal-pradeshThe religious community is otherwise called Golden Temple as a result of different gold leaf divinities kept in its sanctuary. The sanctum is known as Serkhang and it is a flawless chamber with wonderfully embellished dividers of studded pictures of more than 50 gods. Lhalung Monastery was demonstrated along the lines of the Tabo religious community as a position of learning.

buddhist-monastery-in-lhalung-spiti-himachalThere is a dim section around the sanctuary implied for circumambulation of the inward sanctum. The entry dividers were already improved with wonderful artistic creations which have wilted with time. Outside the hallowed place, stands the lang-carpo (White sanctuary), whereupon four stucco pictures of Buddha are shown in the four cardinal headings. The statues are referred to be as old as the religious community.

airborne-at-lhalung-valley-himachal-pradeshLhalung or Lhalun is known as the “place that is known for the divine beings” where lha implies gods, devtas; lung implies land, region. It is said that Lhalung devta is the leader of the considerable number of divine beings/devtas of the valley and dwells/originates from Tangmar Mountain which is found just past the town.

whitewater-rafting-in-lhalung-valley-himachal-pradeshLocal people say that this mountain changes its shading based upon the state of mind of their god where red means outrage; yellow means bliss, and so forth.. Lhalung has a cloister or sanctuary they call it, which is known as Sarkhang or Golden Temple. This religious community is thought to be one of the most established cloisters of Spiti Valley dated late tenth century.

kunzum-pass-himachal-pradeshThere is likewise a hallowed tree here which might be as old as the most punctual religious community. Nearby likewise trust that this religious community was worked by blessed messengers in one night. They don’t permit to address the dividers inside the religious community/sanctuary complex since they feel the holy messengers will leave their place and there will be nobody to secure or shield them if these heavenly attendants leave from this cloister.

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