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Kinnaur Kailash/ Kinner Kailash was not known to the trekkers over the world till a couple of years back, however this trail was found two centuries ago.the Kinnaur Kailash extent lies on the south of region of Kinnaur,which is ruled by Kinnaur Kailash (6349 mts) and Jonkarden (6437 mts). Kinnaur Kailash Peak is one the 5 Mount Kailash. It is accepted that the Lord Shiva took mind and directed the universe from here. Prior the parikrama used to be of 200 kms, however it has been abbreviated up. To achieve this lost land, India’s northern tip, in summers; you need to go through the Hindustan – Tibet expressway, the antiquated silk course after the Satluj, the common limit in the middle of India and Tibet (China). The circuit pulls in the a ton of journeys. The heavenly parikrama begins from Kalpa through Triung Valley and afterward once again to Kalpa by means of Sangla.

According to legend, this holy place existed since the time of Bhasmasur, the savage Asur (evil presence) who got a help from the god Lord Shiva after incredible atonement, which involved that any individual’s head touched by him will be transformed into fiery debris (bhasma). After accepting this blessing, he attempted to transform Lord Shiva into fiery debris as he wished to have Parvati, which would just be conceivable upon his passing. Ruler Shiva stayed secluded from everything, changing areas frequently, and after that at last came to Kinnaur Kailash. He dwelled here for quite a while contemplating. Master Vishnu in the end helped him to kill the Asur, seeming to him as a lady and getting him to place his head upon his own particular head, subsequently murdering Bhasmasur.