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Kibber is the mesmerizing and the most captivating place situated in the Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh. The Himalayas are the fascinating regions beautify with the small villages, lush green vegetation, snow-capped mountains, and endless meadows. Kibber is lying around 4270 meters above sea level. The Kibber village is also known as the Kyibar.

It is one of the highest populated villages with around 77 houses and 366 peoples, out of which 179 are women, and 187 are men. The major and most elegant feature of this place is that all the houses look the same. The architecture of the houses are a very amazing and unique design in the Tibetan style. All the houses in this village are made up of stone and a similar pattern. The similarity of houses intensifies the beauty and outlook of the village. The Kibber village is maybe a remote place, but it is well developed with high school, hospitals, post office, community television, and telegraph office. 


The Kibber Village is well known for its monastery and the Kibber wildlife sanctuary. This is the most wonderful tourist destination in India. Kibber is the most preferred destination for camping in the month of summers. There are many other attractions to visit in Kibber, such as Parang La Trek, Trek to Tso Moriri Lake, and many more.

In the Kibber Village, the barter system is still the mode of income. There is a lack of transportation in the Kibber due to the underdeveloped roadways. But there is a daily bus service that linked the Kibber and Kaza. The closest city from the Kibber is Leh in Ladakh that can be reached only in three days by Paran. The best and perfect time to visit this place is between June and October.

From the Kye monastery, the Kibber village can be easily and quickly reached because it situated just a few kilometers from the village. The other nearby villages from the Kibber are Hikkim, Langshu, Komic, which are looked similar to the Kibber village and can be reached easily from there. During the wintertime, the people are transferred to the warmer areas because the temperature drops below the freezing point. Potato farming in common in Kibber village and agriculture is the major source of livelihood in this village. 

The Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary is situated on the bank of the Spiti River. This wildlife sanctuary is only a cold desert wildlife sanctuary in India. The Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over the 1400 sq km of the area. The wildlife sanctuary is linked with the roads to Kibber, Lhalung, and Langza villages. This wonderful wildlife sanctuary houses the many rare animals such as Tibetan wooly rabbit, blue sheep, snow leopard, red fox ibex, Himalayan wolf, snow panther, and the birds like bearded eagle griffons and snowcock.

Kibber village is home to a lot of fossils. The town is one of the most fossiliferous areas of the world and has earned the title of ‘Fossils Park.’


Kibber is a remote village, and this tourist destination receives several tourists every year. In this village, the number of hotels and homestays are limited that offers all basic facilities. They also assist the visitors in planning the mountain treks and sightseeing trips. Some of the homestays are- Norling Homestay, Deshek Homestay, etc.


The homestays in Kibber also offer delicious home-made food to the guests. Local cuisine is healthy, which is the fusion of Himachal and Tibetan dishes.