Chanshal Pass Rohru

Chanshal Pass Rohru

Chanshal Pass Himachal Pradesh is the most significant mountain top, which is situated about 160 kms from Shimla. This place lies 4,520 meters above from the sea level. Chanshal Pass is a mountain range that cutting the Dodra Kwar Valley from Rohru. Chanshal peak is the highest altitude point and around 48 kilometers away from the Rohru. Another name of Chanshal pass is Chanshal Valley.


The Chanshal Valley is very cool and calm and having the magnificent scenic beauty. This wonderful valley is only open from May to October. As the other places of Himachal, it is not crowded by frequent visitors. This place is best for peace and nature lovers. Chanshal Pass is the amazing place to spend a weekend. This valley also has some great Ski Slopes.

 Chanshal is the valley connecting to the beautiful town Rohru. To the small villages of Kwar and Dodra, 90 kilometers of road runs from Rohru. Rohru is considered as the main town, the locality around the Chanshal Pass. Rohru town is the best place to explore. This place is located on the bank of River Pabbar- a tributary to River Yamuna. This is the wonderful place with apple plantation and streaming waters.


A trip to Chanshal Pass means that you have to drive on the narrowest roads. Not a lot of people travel to this place; only the adventure lovers visit here. In the absence of good roads, this place stays unexplored, and only a few people can experience the beauty of this place.

Throughout the year, the weather condition of Chanshal Pass remains windy and cold. From October to April, this place is covered with the snow, block the Dodra Kwar Valley entirely as this is the only linking motorable road. The time to visit this mesmerizing place is May to October; still, there is cold and a little bit snow at the top of the peak in May, but it’s the best time to go there.

Between the month of May and October, the temperature will be moderate. On the other places like Rohrou, Larot, and Chirgoan, it will be cold, but as compare to the Chanshal Pass, there is the less cold climate in these areas.


In the present years, the Chanshal Pass has been considering as one of the best destinations for skiing in Himachal Pradesh. To make it the best place, the administration establishes a ski resort in the Chanshal Valley. Chanshal Pass is the most attractive tourist destination and 50 km away from the Rohru town. In the midst of these two places, there are several stations such as Tikkri, Chirgoan, Larot, and many more.

Visit this wonderful place to experience the beauty of high mountain peaks covered with snow. And if you love adventure, then this the best destination for you.

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