Chander Tal – The Moon Lake

Chander Tal – The Moon Lake

Chandertal Tal is a remote sweet water lake arranged at a high height of 14000 feet in the Spiti locale of the Lahaul and Spiti area in the north of Himachal Pradesh. Chandertal Lake gets its name from its sickle shape which takes after the moon. “Chandra” in Hindi means moon and “taal” implies lake. Chandertal Lake is 1km long and around 0.5km in width.

Chandra TaalChandertal Lake is a famous destination for experience addicts who wish to climb and camp in the wild. The lake can be gotten to by street or by foot from Batal and Kunzum Pass. By means of Kunzum Pass the trek to Chandertal Lake is around 8km long. This climb is very deceptive as the trail is entirely steep.

Since Kunzum Pass is considered as a standout amongst the most slippery and antagonistic streets on the planet there are regularly barriers along the way. There is additionally a plausibility of the level of oxygen plunging because of the pass being arranged at a high elevation. On the off chance that one wishes to trek to Chandratal on this course it is prudent to be very much outfitted with great climbing apparatus, for example, winter wear, water, trekking post and a decent match of shoes.

From Batal there is a 14km long yet contract street prompting Chandratal. This street is a standout amongst the most beautiful courses in Spiti Valley. The streets are twisting around the mountains, sufficiently wide to permit one and only vehicle to take a break. While on this highway one will see a lot of waterfalls and the Spiti River streaming close-by. One must be to a great degree wary while driving on this course as there are conceivable outcomes of barricades and the icy mass water flooding on the streets. One can likewise witness snow topped mountains around secured for the most part with fog and haze which adds to the excellence of the drive.

Chandra TaalOnce at Chandratal there are a modest bunch of campgrounds that furnish explorers with settlement and sustenance. There are just tents and no other sort of convenience alternatives accessible in the event that one wishes to spend a night at Chandratal. The campgrounds at Chandertal incorporate tremendous dinning tents and tents pitched up for toilets and for sit tight. The tents accessible are of moderate quality with just beddings and covers inside.

Nourishment and stay at Chandratal are for the most part costly attributable to its detachment and separation from civilisation. The sustenance accessible at the campground is exceptionally fundamental comprising of just rice, blend vegetable, dal and noodles. Refreshments, for example, tea, espresso and icy beverages are additionally accessible. One can likewise pitch their own particular tents by paying an ostensible charge at the campground.

From the campground the Chandratal Lake can be gotten to by walking or by street. The street prompting Chandertal Lake is around three km long from where one needs to trek for around 10 minutes to achieve the lake. This course is relatively shorter and less demanding than the trail which is 3km long beginning the distance from the campground to the lake.

chandra TaalThis course is a climb around the mountains going through two high elevation lakes encompassed by snow topped mountains On the way one can likewise discover wild blooms, diverse shaded stones and a patch of area struck by helping. This patch specifically is desolate and can be effortlessly spotted in the midst of the green mountains. This climb is reasonably troublesome and should be possible by novices.

While on the climb, there are stamped trails which lead you to the lake. Around the lake there are sheets flagging the begin purpose of the lake. One can detect the lake from a separation because of the green blue waters. Chandratal Lake is thought to be a standout amongst the most delightful lakes in the Himalayas.

At the section purpose of the lake there is a little stupa secured with petition banners and wishing stones heaped up all around the lake. There is a prevalent view amongst local people to make a desire by heaping up seven level stones one on top of the other. In spite of the fact that the temperature of the lake water is for the most part icy, swimming is allowed in the lake. So as to keep the lake range contamination free vehicles have been halted from coming up to the lake. Outdoors around the lake has likewise been precluded.

chandra Taal Himachal PradeshThere is likewise a trekking trail driving from Chandertal Lake to Suraj Taal which is another high height lake arranged 30km away in the Lahaul area. These lakes are by and large solidified amid winters. The best time to visit chandratal is amid the spring season between July to September. The Batal and Kunzum Pass streets are closed amid whatever is left of the year. The temperature at Chandratal is for the most part charming despite the fact that the days can be very warm and the evenings can get greatly breezy.

The temperature for the most part drops as the night advances and could drop to 3 degree celsius notwithstanding amid the mid year months. Chandertal Lake can be gotten to by contracting a private vehicle or by taking the administration transport which plys ordinary from Manali and Kaza amid July to September.

On the off chance that one wishes to take a transport ride it ought to be remembered that the transport stop is arranged at Batal, 14km from Chandertal Lake. From Batal one can procure a private vehicle, hitch a ride or stroll up to Chandratal. The best time to visit Chandertaltal Lake is amid a full moon or another moon night. The impression of the full moon in the lake makes it shimmer and it is a radiant ordeal. While on the new moon, a large number of falling stars can be seen which makes the sky look close.


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