Borasu Pass

Borasu Pass

Borasu Pass or Bara-su (5,250 meters) is a high mountain pass that is situated on the fringe of Uttaranchal and Himachal Pradesh along the outskirt with Tibet. It was an old exchange course between Har-ki-Doon valley and Kinnaur valley. It is no more utilized by local people and is an adventure for trekkers and mountain climbers.

The trek begins from Taluka and goes through the lavish green Har-ki-Doon valley. Har-ki-dun is a hanging valley in the Garhwal Himalayas, encompassed by wonderful Himalayan pinnacles and thick backwoods ran with vivid flying creatures and natural life. The trek begins by taking after the riotous Har-ki-Doon Ganga and closes with the huge Baspa River. One can stay in the Forest Rest House in relaxation or camp close Har-ki-Doon Ganga. Likewise, one can camp close to the lovely icy lake at Marinda Tal a couple km from Har-ki-Doon.


The trail goes through icy mass moraine, steep tight edges, sheer vertical snow inclines and stone fields. All things considered, it is a nerve-wracking trek – a staggering blend of boondocks and boundless glades, pressed with spurting waterways and far reaching icy masses, with a perspective of snow-topped pinnacles and huge stones.

General Information

Har-ki-Doon is associated with Baspa Valley by the Borasu Pass. You have a few passes that associate Uttaranchal to Himachal. Towards the north is the Lamkhaga Pass and towards the south are Kimalay or the Kimloga pass (no more utilized), Singha and Rupin pass, all of which lead to the Sangla valley. This valley is snow-shrouded from October to March.


The trek begins from Taluka, going through thick backwoods comprising of chestnut, walnut, willow and chinar trees. The trek from Osla to Har-ki-doon is through terraced mountain fields, lavish green verdant patches and thick coniferous woods. As Har-Ki-Doon falls inside the Govind Pashu Vihar untamed life haven, odds of seeing natural life are high. In the haven, you will discover trees of Bhojpatra, the uncommon Bramhakamal, and beautiful widely varied vegetation. You can see different offers like Rosefinch, Redstart, Tit, Warbler, Babbler, Thrush and some more. One can see Kala bother, Bandar poonch, Ruinsara tops and the lofty Swargarohini even before he achieves the pass.



Har-ki-doon is a valley of Gods (‘Har’ implies Lord Shiva and “Doon” implies Valley) and as indicated by the nearby old stories, this is the spot where pixies assemble. It is additionally specified in our religious stories (legends) that Pandavas went to swarg (paradise) through this valley by climbing the Swargarohini top. Duryodhana was once venerated as a God by a couple of settlements here, and one can get the opportunity to see the Duryodhana Temple in Osla. Notwithstanding it is currently called Someshwar sanctuary and calling it Duryodhana sanctuary is taken as an offense. In spite of the fact that it is trusted that once, the general population of this locale gloated of conveying Duryodhana blood in their veins. The zone likewise goes about as a base for drawing nearer the Swargarohini tops. We can likewise see the Bandarpoonch mountains, Ata crest, Kala Nag or the Black pinnacle and Bonga Peak.

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