Kalimpong West Bengal

Kalimpong West Bengal

The slope station of Kalimpong gloats of old Buddhist religious communities, interesting old places of worship and well known sanctuaries. Arranged on the lower scopes of the Himalayas, Kalimpong offers all encompassing vistas of the Teesta Rangit Valley.

Kalimpong is arranged on the northern edge of West Bengal in East India and is around 53 km from the slope station of Darjeeling. The town was added to the locale of Darjeeling in 1866. In 1866–1867 an Anglo-Bhutanese commission delineated the basic limits between the two, in this way offering shape to the Kalimpong subdivision.

Buddhism Kalimpong West BengalIts closeness to Nathu La and Jelep La, branches of the old Silk Road, was an additional favorable position and it soon turned into a critical exchanging station in the exchange of hide, fleece and sustenance grains amongst India and Tibet. The expansion in business pulled in vast quantities of vagrants from Nepal, prompting an increment in populace and financial success.


Advance booking guarantees a smooth sit tight. Fundamental convenience begins at Rs 200 and goes up to Rs 400 contingent upon the lodging and administrations benefited. Mid-range rooms are accessible for Rs 900 or more. There are no lavish lodgings in Kalimpong.


There are an expansive number of eateries which offer a wide assortment of cooking styles, extending from Indian to Continental. Tea is the most well known drink in the town, obtained from the celebrated around the world Darjeeling tea gardens.

The best place for Chinese sustenance is China Garden, tucked in close to the principle transport stop. Hit the spot before 8 pm since this city close down right on time. For the best momos, hit Gompu’s; you can likewise get a reasonable lunch or supper at this spot. Kalimpong produces the main matured cheddar made in India. It has the composition of a hard European cheddar and has a gentle practically Parmesan-like flavor.

Durpin Monastery Kalimpong West BengalBEST TIME TO VISIT KALIMPONG

The best time to visit Kalimpong is likewise indicated.


Master Buddha Statue:
Close to Deolo there is a little shake garden in which you will locate this pleasant statue of Lord Buddha sitting in a lotus position.

Sherpa View Point:
This is a watershed close Buddha statue from where you get incredible perspectives towards both north and south. You get fantastic perspectives of Sikkim slopes and Mount Kanchenjung on the off chance that you look north, towards south is the lovely perspective of a valley and the Relli stream coursing through it too Loleygaon (Kafer) furthermore the slopes of Samthar level. This perspective point is shockingly not very much kept up.

Sherpa View Point Kalimpong West BengalHanuman Temple:
Right after Durga Mandir is a tremendous statue of Lord Hanuman roosted on the slope. Climb a few flights of stairs to reach up to the sanctuary.

Deolo Hill:
This is the real fascination in East Kalimpong. The tourism office has made a 8-section of land rich parkland with manicured bloom gardens and a few perspective focuses with amazing perspectives of Kanchenjunga, Durpin slope, Kalimpong Township and the valley with streams coursing through them.

Mangal Dham:
A fantastic sanctuary complex inherent the memory generally Guruji Mangal Dasji and devoted to Lord Krishna. Lovers originate from far away places. Armed force Golf Course: A beautiful 9-opening green which was imagined and laid by the armed force powers. You can see the green from the roadside Watershed View Point. From here you likewise get awe inspiring perspectives of the mountains and in addition Loleygaon. It’s found near the Circuit House.

Kalimpong Mountains West BengalDurpin Monastery:
This Tibetan religious community is situated on the Durpin slope and thus such name. The genuine name is Zang Dog Palri religious community. It was implicit 1972 and has some uncommon Buddhist scripts that were brought here by Dalai Lama from Tibet. From the upper patio of the religious community, you get eminent perspectives of Kalimpong town with Kanchenjunga out of sight, the valley and the fields, Teesta and Reang streams streaming down, and exquisite tea homes of Peshoke range.

Jelepla View Point:
You get dynamite perspective of Jelepla Pass which once used to be a course for normal exchange with Tibet. You can likewise see the intersection of stream Teesta, Reang and Relli. The perspective point is kept up by the armed force.

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