Hooghly or Hugli West Bengal

Hooghly or Hugli West Bengal

Hooghly is one of the best places situated in the West Bengal state of India. This place is named after the renowned Hooghly River. The Hooghly is also spelled as Hoogli or Hugli. The Hooghly city lies just west of the Hugli (Hooghly) River. This city was established in the year 1537 by the Portuguese. After then in the year of 1632, the Mughal armies dismiss the Portuguese from Hooghly. There are four-part of the district, namely Chandannagar, Chinsura Sadar, Arambag, and Serampore. The holy river Ganga or Hooghly is flowed through this district and intensify its significance. This district is a rich zone in both industry and agriculture in West Bengal.

Bandel Church:


Bandel Church is one of the amazing places to visit in the Hooghly trip. The Bandel Church was established by the Portuguese after their resolution on the banks of Hooghly RiverThis Church was constructed around 1660. The Bandel Church was devoted to the Nossa Senhora do Rosario. In West Bengal, this Church is one of the most eminent historical churches.

Chandannagar Museum and Indo-French Institute:


Chandannagar Museum and Indo-French Institute is a best tourist attraction in West Bengal. This Museum was constructed by the then Indian Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri and French Prime Minister Pompidre in the nineteenth century. The major characteristics in the Museum are several galleries, which dedicated to the periodic French organization, French furniture, French East India Company, and Indian crafts and artworks.

Hangseswari Temple:


Hangseswari Temple is one of the amazing pilgrimage sites situated in Bansberia in the Hooghly region. This amazing temple is 21 m high and has 13 towers. Hangseswari Temple was founded in the 19th century. The structure of the temple is so royal and unique that it leaves you entirely fascinate in a glance. This temple is one of the renowned temples close to the located close to Kolkata. Hangseswari temple is devoted to the Goddess Hanseswari, who is a reflection of Goddess Kali.

Kamarpukur Town:


Kamarpukur town is another amazing place to explore nestled in the Arambagh subdivision of the Hooghly District. It is the place Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa was constructed in the year 1836. The town is around 48 km far from Taraknath Temple, which is linked by road, and 5 km toward the West is the Jairambati, where Sri Sarada Devi was developed.

Pandua Bari Mosque:


Pandua Bari Mosque is the perfect place to visit in Hooghly district. This mosque was founded in 1300 AD. Pandua Bari Mosque is an embodiment of the classic brick style of Bengal. The dimension of this enchanting is 7041 m by 12.8 m. Pandua Bari Mosque is well known for its 21 entrance in the front and three on the sides. There are 63 little domes in the roof of the mosque designed by Hindu architecture and lie on stone pillars.

Imambara Hooghly:


Imambara is an enchanting place to explore in Hooghly district. This place was constructed by Hazi Mohammad Mohsin, is nestled on the bank of holy river Ganga in Chinsurah. In the year 1841, the development of the building was begun and was finished in the year of 1861. The two-story building has a wide passage and comprises numerous rooms, with the main door edged by two 80 ft tall towers, and there is a huge clock tower amid them.

Hooghly River:


Hooghly River is the major attraction of the Hooghly district in West Bengal. This river is the distributary of sacred river Ganges. Hooghly River is a beautiful river and is 260 km long river. The Hooghly river has two tributaries the Damodar River and the Rupnarayan River. The dam Farakka Barrage deflects water from the Ganges into a waterway close to the town of Tildanga. This waterway supplies the Hooghly river with sufficient water.

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