Chilika Lake, Odisha

Chilika Lake, Odisha

Chilka Lake is spread over Khurda, Ganjam and Puri regions of Odisha (earlier Orissa). Balugaon and Rambha are two noteworthy towns filling in as passage focuses for the lake. It is Asia’s biggest salt-water tidal pond and is isolated from the Bay of Bengal by a sandy edge. The pear-molded lake spreads crosswise over 1,100 sq km, and has a special biological community with a scope of amphibian widely varied vegetation found in and around its saline waters. A noteworthy cluster of flying creature life, both local and vagrant, makes Chilka a standout amongst other places in India for winged animal watching, sprinkling around in the water and calm unwinding.

Chilka Lake is assigned as a wetland of universal significance under the Ramsar Convention.

Dolphin Point at Satapada:


Dolphin Point at Satapada is one of the renowned attractions of the bitter water tidal pond. At the site, travelers can spot dolphins, for example, Irrawaddy Dolphin, Common Dolphin, Bottle Nose Dolphin and White Nosed Dolphins. Spinning developments of a group of dolphins can be seen in the waters of Chilika.

Mangalajodi Chilika:


Mangalajodi is one of the old towns of the Chilika locale, prominent as angling town. The excellent town on the eastern drift is an environment for different fledgling species alongside uncommon flying creatures on the very edge of annihilation. The town is named after twin sanctuaries Raghunath Temple, 250 years of age sanctuary in region is a focal point of religious exercises.

Kali Jai Temple:


Kali Jai Temple is one of the real blessed holy places of the district, which is found near Balugaon. The sanctuary is devoted to Hindu Goddess Kali Jai, including different puppets and pictures of Hindu. Kali Jai Temple is additionally venerated as Istha Devi by anglers in the area.

Nalabana Bird Sanctuary:


Nalabana Bird Sanctuary in the island of Nalabana is one of the significant attractions of Chilika. The island with circuit of 8 kmilometres is an assurance site that jam differentiating types of the transient flying creatures. The asylum is home to a huge number of transient and provincial winged creature species. what’s more, is henceforth considered as a pleasure for winged creature darlings.

Satapada Chilika:


Satapada, a lake side resort alongside Chilika Lake, is one of the main vacation spots. There is intersection of lake and Bay of Bengal at the site, drawing consideration of the travellers.This area is known for Satapada is boss well known for dolphin locating and furthermore gives drifting open doors.

Sankuda Island:


Sankuda Island, otherwise called Breakfast Island, is one of the prevalent islands of the area. Amidst Badakuda and Solomo Island in the Bay of Rambha, the excellent island includes a rich save of flower species. Attributable to it’s pear formed appearance, Sankuda Island is likewise alluded as Shank Island. Moreover, the main fascination of the island is an antiquated cottage built by the King of Kalikote, Mr. Snodgrass.

Birds Island:


Flying creatures Island, which is arranged in close region of East Ghantasila Hill, is among the real touring attractions of Chilika. The island is open from Rambha, which is situated at a separation of 4 kmilometres. There is an immense hold of uncommon herbs, trees, creepers, bushes at the island. Various types of transitory feathered creatures slide to the place, along these lines, it is known as Birds Island. Featuring highlight of the Birds Island is the droppings of white stone shakes by avian species. These gigantic rocks have turned out to be white because of the falling of Folic corrosive.

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