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Cherrapunji at present the chronicled name Sohra is all the more generally utilized; elective spellings are Cherrapunjee and Charrapunji), is a subdivisional town in the East Khasi Hills locale in the Indian condition of Meghalaya. It is credited as being the wettest place on Earth. Be that as it may, adjacent Mawsynram right now holds that record. However, regardless it holds the world record for the most precipitation in a timetable month and in a year. It got 9,300 mm (366 in) in July 1861 and 26,461 mm (1,041.75) in the middle of 1 August 1860 and 31 July 1861.It is the conventional capital of a hima (Khasi tribal chieftainship constituting a frivolous state) known as Sohra or Churra.

Cherrapunji is maybe the main place in India, which has only one season: the rainstorm. The precipitation differs from substantial to medium to light, yet there is no month without downpour. An alternate shocking actuality about Cherrapunji is that it rains generally during the evening. Normal action is not by any stretch of the imagination disturbed by the downpour. As in days passed by, the characteristics of Cherrapunji change not with the seasons, yet with the example of precipitation. The heaviest deluges compass pretty nearly five long months-from May until September. The mists then are dull and threatening, all out with downpour, which dives earthwards with the stinging energy of a whiplash.