Champhai Mizoram

Champhai Mizoram

Champhai is one of the beautiful city situated in the Mizoram state of India. This city is nestled on the Indo-Myanmar border and is located in a strategically essential location. Because of this, the Champhai is the major commercial passageway for India and Myanmar. Champhai is an amazing town in Mizoram with its lush green vegetation, captivating hills and the colourful strand of culture and tradition enclosing them. This town comprises the number of tourist attractions and alluring surroundings. Champhai town offers a breathtaking view of the blue Myanmar Hills.

Rih Dil Lake:


Rih Dil Lake is one of the amazing tourist attraction to visit in Champhai town of Mizoram. The Rih Dil Lake is a heart-shaped lake and the largest lake in Mizoram. This lake is believed to be the passage of souls to the everlasting habitation. Rih Dil Lake cannot be visited without the prior permission from the Deputy Commissioner’s Office. This lake is nestled 22 km far from Myanmar. Rih Dil Lake is approximately a kilometre long and 70 meters wide.

Kungawrhi Puk:


Kungawrhi Puk is another best place to explore in Champhai, Mizoram. This is one of the largest and most remarkable caves in Mizoram. This cave is nestled on the hills amid Vaphai villages and Farkawn in the Champhai district. Kungawrhi Puk is regarded to be one of the biggest caves in the Aizawl District. It is believed by the people that Kungawrhi, a beautiful girl, was kidnapped by evil spirits and was kept inside this cave.

Murlen National Park:


Murlen National Park is the perfect place to visit in Champhai. This national park is spread over the 200 km sq of land area. Murlen National park is located about 245 km east of Aizwal and near to the Chin Hills. This national park was built in the year of 1991. This national park comprises the varieties of herbs and medicinal plants, birds, mammals and many more creatures.

Mangakhaia Lung:


Mangakhaia Lung is an amazing structure present in the Champhai city of Mizoram. This structure is one of its kind huge structure that is also a remembrance stone with a series of human figures carved upon them. These figures are trusted to be of the guardians of the dead. Close to this place there are numerous smaller stones which have pictures of Mithun- animal species found in north-east India carved on them.

Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary:


Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the enchanting wildlife sanctuaries in Mizoram. This wildlife sanctuary is nestled in the Champhai District and is near to the Lamzawl and Murlen National Park. The creature species that can be found in this wildlife sanctuary are panther, rhesus macaque, wild pigs, goral, woofing deer and tiger. Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary is a natural life haven and is approx. 250 km east of Aizawl city.

Mura Puk Champhai:


Mura Puk is also the best place to explore in Champhai. This place is nestled in Zote town, which is 10 km away from the Champhai town. There are six caves at this destination, and these were the secret spot of the nearby villagers. The villagers used to hide here from a considerable hawk known as Mura, which was a ruthless man-eater.

Lenteng Hills:


Lenteng Hills is located toward the eastern part of the Mizoram state and have lush green forests and natural life. These hills are nestled at the height of 2300 m above the sea level. There are several enchanting plants, reptiles feathered creatures, and other creatures at this place along with the wild orchids. This place is best for eco-tourism and trekking, which begins from Champhai.

Palak Wildlife Sanctuary:


Palak Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Lakher area, which nestled on the southern part of Mizoram. This wildlife sanctuary is spread over 15.50 sq. Km of land area and is situated 130 km south-west of Saiha town. It comprises both tropical evergreen forests and moist deciduous forests apart from this there are several animal species such as sambar, leopard, elephant, rhesus macaque, and barking deer.

Kawlkulh, Village:


Kawlkulh Village is situated on the eastern edge of Mizoram and is well-known for the trade of piggery. This small village lacks several facilities such as water, power, and solid roads. It is 72 km away from the Champhai town and 122 km far from Aizawl. This village is an amazing place to explore in Champai trip with its scenic view and lush green vegetation.

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