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Brahmapur is a city partnership situated on the eastern coastline of Ganjam region of the Indian condition of Odisha in East India, around 169 kilometers (105 mi) south of the state capital Bhubaneshwar and 255 kilometers (158 mi) north of Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh. It is one of the most established and biggest urban areas of Odisha. Nicknamed “The Silk City”, it is popular for its silk saris, sanctuaries and one of a kind culture. The number of inhabitants in the city is 355,823 as of the 2011 Census of India without agglomeration (without including the developed bit of the city), making it the fourth most crowded urban city in Odisha state and 126th in India.

Maa Mahuri Kalua Temple:


Maa Mahuri Kalua Temple is situated in town Padar Balli Kalua Chhack that is in the middle of Koraput, in the western Orissa and Berhampur, around 4 km from the State Highway. Because of this area, individuals by and large visit this place on their approach to either Berhampur or towards western piece of Orissa.

Gopalpur Beach:


At about a separation of 16 km from Berhampur, the little shoreline town of Gopalpur is on the Bay of Bengal. This town is known to have untainted shorelines in the state. Like in the days of yore, the beacon still exists and flickers around evening time to control the boats in center of the remote ocean with bearings to wellbeing. The coconut trees and casuarinas add appeal to the shorelines, which are isolated from the blue waters by the sand rises.

Taratarini Temple:


Taratarini Temple is situated in the Southern piece of Orissa. It is a famous religious place, which is directed by Goddess Tara and Tarini – the twin sisters. It is roosted on a slope encompassed by the holy Rushikulya River. Achieving the places of worship of the sanctuary is an intriguing and energizing, as it requires climbing more than 999 stages from the base of the slope to its top.

Aryapalli Beach:

Aryapalli Beach-india

At a separation of 30 km from Berhampur is the Aryapalli Beach. Swimming, surfing and sun showering are a portion of the exercises that can be appreciated at the shoreline. Manors of casuarinas encompass the shoreline. Dawn and dusk can be delighted in too.

Maa Bhairavi Temple:


In the area of Gamjam, near the city of Berhampur, the Maa Bhairavi Temple is situated in the remote town of Mantridi. The diety has been cut in a rough design with one leg and four arms. This altar was found while furrowing the land, where the icon was covered up underneath. After this revelation, the icon was revered into this recently built sanctuary in 1937.

Gandahati waterfalls:


Gandahati is more around 30 km a long way from Paralakhemundi and which has a place with in Gajapati area of Odisha. The place is acclaimed for the sparkling water fall, which is well known water fall in Odisha and this encased by thick green backwoods. You will discover such a large number of wild creatures like elephant and these elephants are originating from upper side of the slope to this waterfall to shower/drink water. One excellence full hindu sanctuary is available close to this water fall. It can be achieved both by rail and street. The closest railroad station Palasa is 44 kms far from Paralakhemundi.

Tampara lake:


Closer to the NH-5, around 15 km from the city of Berhampur, ideal inverse to Chatrapur is the lovely and befuddling Tampara lake. On the inverse side of the thruway, the lake has an excellent piece of land sandwiched between the Tampara lake and the Bay of Bengal. This piece of land has inconceivable extend of cashew estates where one can go for a relaxed walk at night and evening hours. An energizing trek of around 2 kms over these cashew ranches, prompts the delightful shoreline on the Bay of Bengal. Tremendous assets have been authorized for the advancement of Tampara Lake to an energizing and pleasurable normal biological system.

Jaugarh, Berhampur:

jaugarh -berhampur-india

On the shores of Rusikulya River in the locale of Ganjam, a stone proclamation of Ashoka can be found at Jaugarh. This is the Kalinga declaration that conveys code of morals and immortal ideals to the general population. In region to this place is a sati column called Jogamanda and a stronghold.

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