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Bokaro is an amazing city situated in the Jharkhand state of India. This city is one of the planned cities of India. Bokaro is the fourth largest city in Jharkhand and well-known as the major industrial center. This city is nestled at the height of 210 above the sea level and spread over the 183 square kilometers of land area. Bokara is surrounded on the north by Giridih, on the west by Hazaribagh and Ramgarh, and on the east by Purulia and Dhanbad. This city is the steel city of India and the largest producer of steel and iron in the country. Bokaro city lies on the banks of River Damodar.

Jawaharlal Nehru Biological Park:


Jawaharlal Nehru Biological Park is one of the best places to explore. This biological park was founded in the year of 1980s. Jawaharlal Nehru biological park becomes popular among the tourist because of its rare collection of big cats like Asiatic Lions and White Tigers. This zoo houses several amazing species of plants and animals. This biological park is a truly magnificent place to visit for adults as well as children.

Jagannath Temple Bokaro:


Jagannath Temple is an amazing pilgrimage site to visit in Bokaro. This temple ie, exactly looks like the Jagannath Temple in Puri, which is located in Orissa. Jagannath Temple in Bokara has been currently erected by the Bokaro Steel Plant Management. This temple is an enchanting and prominent place in Bokaro. Jagannath temple in Bokaro attracts several devotees. This temple is devoted to Lord Jagannath.

Garga Dam Bokaro:


Garga Dam is another best place to explore in Bokaro city of Jharkhand. This dam is found 12 km away from the main city. Garga Dam enclosed by the lush green vegetation and scenic views. This dam was established in the year of 1950s. Garga dam is the first river valley project in India. The power generated from this dam is utilized for civilian and industrial motives of Bokaro.

Chas Bokaro:


Chas is also an amazing place to visit in Bokaro. This is a municipality in the Bokaro district. Chas is remarkable for a massive wholesale market. Throughout the time when the city was the segment of the district of Dhanbad, this place is catered as the executive headquarters of Bokaro. Chas also comprises other places to visit, such as Joda Mandir and Bhootnath Mandir.

M.K Mangalam Stadium:


M.K Mangalam Stadium or the Mohan Kumar Mangalam Stadium is a stadium nestled in Bokaro city of Jharkhand. This stadium is handled by the Bokaro Steel Plant and organized sports events in this stadium. M.K Mangalam Stadium is nestled in sector 4, the heart of the city. This stadium has the space for 30,000 with a combined gallery of VIPs. This stadium organized state and national football leagues and also has an athletics track.

City Park Bokaro:


City Park is an enchanting place to visit in Bokaro. This park has one massive artificial lake and three artificial islands that have amazing greenery. The city park is the most captivating place with lakes and lush green vegetation. This park also have the beautiful restaurant which offers the perfect setting for spending time.

Bokaro Steel Plant:


Bokaro Steel Plant is the largest steel and iron complex nestled in the steel city of Bokaro. This steel plant is situated along the Damodar River. Bokaro steel plant is considered as India’s first Swadeshi Steel Plant. This steel plant is renowned for its tours, where you can observe all the methods comprised of the production of steel.

Gayatri Mandir:


Gayatri Mandir is another pilgrimage site to explore in Bokaro, the steel city of India. This temple is a mainstream religious, historic site located in sector-9/A. Gayatri temple is famous for the Navmi Puja, which celebrated here every year. This temple is dedicated to the Gayatri Mandir and attracts the number of devotes.

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