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Anjaw in Arunachal Pradesh is located in the northeastern part of the country. It’s a small town in the middle of gleaming waterfalls, greenery, pine forests and beautiful river, and many other amazing things. Anjaw is the not much-developed tourist place, however, because of its elegant and natural greenery and surrounding makes it the most captivating place. This place is away from the crowd and noise of the cities. Anjaw is the newly created district after this partition from the Lohit district in the year of 2004.

Tezu Anjaw:


Tezu is a town in the area of Anjaw that was cut out from the Lohit District. It is the reliable headquarters of the Lohit region and is well known for attractions like Tamreswari Temple, Parashuram Kund, the city of King Bhismak, and the site of Shivalinga.

Hawai Anjaw:


Hawai is the central station of the Anjaw District and is situated on the left half of the Lohit River. This place lies around 1296 meters above sea level. The significant attraction of Hawai is a Cable Suspension Bridge, which is also known as Anjaw Bridge, constructed over the Lohit River, a tributary of the Holy River Brahmaputra.

Kibithoo Anjaw:


Kibithoo, a residential area, is a Circle Headquarter and is well known for several streams and waterfalls. Situated on the bank of River Lohit. Kibithoo is lies around 1,305 m above sea level. The town located near the India-China border. This place is inhabited by the two major tribes known as the Mishmi and Zedkring. This town is also well known for the excellent craftsmanship.

Chaglagam Anjaw:


Chaglagam is situated on the left half of the Dalai River and is another Circle Headquarter. This place lies around 1,258 m above sea level. Chaglagam is a well-known place for the large production of Cardamom. This is the best place for adventure lovers offering trekking, mountaineering, and rafting.

Walong Anjaw:


Walong is also known as ‘a place brimming with bamboos,’ which is located at the height of around 1,094 m above the sea level. This place is situated on the bank of the Lohit River. Walong is around 20 km from the Chinese Border. There is a popular Namti valley in Walong, which has a statue established to retrieve the bravery of martyrs.

Hayuliang Anjaw:


Hayuliang is a city situated Anjaw, Arunachal Pradesh. The name of the destination means ‘the place of my alcohol’ and is presently a sub-divisional headquarter. Situated at the height of 750 m above the sea level. Hayuliang offers delightful views of the wonderful Lohit River and the Dalai River. Along with this, tourists can also visit the nearby spots like Namdapha, Roing, and Dibru-Saikhowa.

Dong Anjaw:


Dong is a small village situated in the Walong Circle of the Ajwan District, Arunachal Pradesh. Located on the bank of the Lohit River. Dong is surrounded by pine woods and snow-topped mountains. This place is lies around the 12400 meter above sea level. Dong is the mesmerizing destination to visit and is 7 km away from the Walong.

Parashuram Kund:


Parashuram Kund is situated around 13 km from the central command of the Lohit District, Tezu. It is the religious place for the Hindu peoples and the most amazing place in the Anjaw. There is an annual mela (fair) is celebrated in the Parshuram Kund. This Kund is surrounded by lush green vegetation and has a beautiful view. It is believed by the people that bathing in this Kund washes away all the sins.

Ajaw in Arunachal Pradesh is the most captivating and enchanting place to visit for nature admirers and peace lovers. There are also many things to do for adventure lovers.

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