108 Shiva Temple Ambika Kalna (West Bengal)

108 Shiva Temple Ambika Kalna (West Bengal)

Ambika Kalna is situated in West Bengal, also known as the ‘City of Temples’. This amazing city is famous for the amazing temples established in the 18th century. Ambika Kalna is simply known as the Kalna. This place got its name from the goddess Ma Ambika (Kali) of Siddheswari temple.

With its dazzling stoneware sanctuaries, Ambika Kalna is accordingly called the “Sanctuary Town.” .The most attractive sanctuary in Ambika Kalna is the 108 Shiva Temple complex. This fabulous sanctuary built by the Maharaja Teja Chandra in 1809. Maharaja Teja Chandra supervises the construction of the temples to celebrate the transfer of ownership of the Bishnupur royal estate. The temples represent the amazing sculptures. On the walls of temples from the Ramayan to Mahabharat, all the scenes are portrayed.


This marvelous city is nestled on the bank of Bhagirathi River, a tributary of River Ganges, in Vardhman region. Ambika Kalna is an important manufacturing center of saris and textiles. It also has numerous rice mills and is the main center for rice trading other temples in the temple complex of Ambika Kalan, which are worth visiting. The first source to Ambika Kalna is found in a 6th-century text name Kubjika Tantra.

As per the Archeological surveys of India, it is believed that in the 7th century AD, the Ambika Kalna was a borderline city of the Tammralipta Kingdom. Because of its numerous place, it becomes the most renowned pilgrimage site in India. Every year number of tourist visit to experience its beauty and charm. The astounding and heritage sanctuaries attract many peoples.


The sanctuary structure is the fusion of two concentric circles, and each one of them dedicated to Lord Shiva. The external circle consists of seventy-four sanctuaries, and the internal circle has thirty-four sanctuaries. Additionally, these sanctuaries are known as the Nava Kailasha Sanctuary, and each of these 108 sanctuaries has a Shiva Linga. In the internal circles, all the Shiva Linga are of white color made up of white marble, which symbolizing great deeds, while the Shiva Linga in the external circle are dark, which symbolize the sins.

The external circle of the sanctuary depicts the world we live in while the internal circle represents the world with purified meditation, accomplished by providing to Lord Shiva. This is fantastic and must be visiting tourist places in India, which offers the amazing experience. To achieve comfort, one needs to visit this place over every single common interest and entirely and exclusively commit his life towards the fulfillment of God.



The sunrise view if this place is very incredible. Sunrise in the Ambika Kalan has got some additional attraction. At early morning when the eastern sky is cloudy with the sun reflecting on the surface of the Bhagirathi River, it looks truly captivating and mind-blowing. Several pilgrimages and devotees appreciate the breathtaking sunrise view of this place.


The Ruddy range of setting sun is likewise the enchanting magnificence of Ambika Kalna, which attracts the number of peoples of Kalna. In the evening, the sun rays once again reflect on the surface of the holy Bhagirathi River. Sunset View of the Ambika Kalan is also amazing.

Top view:


The top view of Ambika Kalan is attractive and beautiful. In the evening, the magnificent city Klan looks extremely enchanting with the starry sky engraved with Milky Way. In the full moon time, the moon resembles a stunning silver circle that stimulate peoples to be encouraged with immense happiness.

Side View:

Ambika Kalna’s side view is breathtaking; the Island formed using the Bhagirathi River and the shore of the River. This side view of this amazing place executes the brain of individuals to the elevated peak of creative thought and ability.

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