Aizawl Mizoram

Aizawl Mizoram

Mizoram is a remote and to some degree unexplored state situated in north east India that has turned into a most loved goal for voyagers. Its capital city Aizawl is among the most favored vacationer goals in Mizoram. The lovely city may help you to remember run of the mill Himalayan slope stations. The pristine normal magnificence, tranquility and cleanliness of this beautiful slope station are probably going to influence you to feel casual and quiet. Indeed, even the widely varied vegetation in the neighboring districts can be perfect for nature and untamed life adoring guests.


Aizawl has a one of its very own kind character. The scene is embellished by white holy places, inferable from a dominatingly Christian populace. You get hypnotizing perspectives of the mountain ranges encompassing the city and Tiawng Stream too. The city has a lot of huge timber houses and on streets you will discover ladies wearing vivid clothing. There are a lot of exercises you can enjoy regardless of on the off chance that you are experience sweetheart or laid back sort!


Aizawl has a charming atmosphere everywhere throughout the year, making it perfect for tourism. Nonetheless, winter months have a tendency to be very frosty. Monson months are not precisely reasonable for visit. There are a lot of lodgings in Aizawl to take into account needs of voyagers with shifting spending plans. Some Quarters housing are likewise found here.

Going to Aizawl isn’t monotonous. The city has an air terminal which is associated with Kolkata and other real urban communities. It additionally has air network with real north east urban communities like Guwahati and Imphal. Assam’s Silchar is the close-by rail station. Aizawl is connected to rest of India through NH – 54. From Silchar taxicabs and transports employ to Aizawl.

What to see in Aizawl

Mizoram State Museum


Situated at the focal point of Aizawl at Macdonald’s Slope, the Mizoram State Historical center offers vacationers an understanding into legacy of the state. It isn’t enormous yet you will be awed with the scope of shows certain. There are 6 stories and exhibitions. The exhibition hall was set up in 1977 and now it is run and kept up by the Craftsmanship and Culture division.

Salvation Army Temple


The Salvation Armed force Sanctuary is one of the real attractions in Aizawl for guests. Its Gothic-roused outsides are astonishing and the different chimes inside the sanctuary are no less tempting. On ends of the week, the ringer tolls can be heard in all piece of the city.

Solomon’s Temple


The compositionally great Solomon’s Sanctuary is a congregation that has turned into a noteworthy traveler attract Aizawl. The sanctuary made with white marble looks exquisite on radiant days and its immeasurability is additionally striking for guests. The cross, a crown and seven gold stars enhance its façade. Situated in Kidron valley, the building is found 10 km from the city and development took very nearly 2 decades.

Durtlang Hills


In the event that you need to get a marvelous airborne perspective of Aizawl, Durtlang Slopes is the place you should make a beeline for. The line of rough slopes let you appreciate a great perspective of the city scene from a lifted position. The best approach to Durtlang Slopes is additionally perfect for trekking and you can appreciate provincial grand excellence. You can contract taxis in Aizawl to achieve this spot as well.

Mini Zoo


Natural life sweethearts can go to the little zoo in Aizawl, arranged in Bethlehem Vengthlang hillock. It is home to different creatures including jeopardized sun bear. Alternate creatures kept here are Pangolin, blurred panther, Topped Langur, Himalayan Yak and so forth.

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