“Aizawl” the capital city of Mizoram

“Aizawl” the capital city of Mizoram

Aizawl is one of the best place situated in the Mizoram state of India. This city is the capital of Mizoram. The Aizawl was officially set up in the year of 1890. In Mizoram, the Aizawl is one of the largest city. Along with this, it is also the centre of management comprising all the essential government offices, civil secretariat and state assembly house. This city is nestled in the northern part of Mizoram, north of the Tropic of Cancer.


Aizawl is located in the north-central part of the state and nestled at the height 2,950 feet above the sea level. This city is comprised in the region that became part of the newly formed Assam state in 1950. The Aizawl is the most populous city in the Mizoram state.

This city is well-known for its lush green vegetation and exotic hills. For nature, admirer and peace lover Aizawl is the excellent place. It’s stunning valleys, lakes, and high hills attract several tourists from across the globe. It comes under the ‘Seven Sister States’, of India. To the east, this is nestled in the Tuirial river valley and to the west in Tlawng river valley.


Aizawl has several attractions comprise the state museum on Macdonald’s Hills, Mizoram state Museum and a zoological park. The city is spread over the numerous mountains hills and a cultural and religious and centre of the Mizos. Aizawl has amazing scenic views of cloudless blue skies, sunlit days and the dewy mornings. All these help to ensure the pleasure of a memorable holiday.

Spots To Visit In Aizawl:



Champhai is an amazing place to explore in the Mizoram state of India. The Champhai is the primary commercial passageway for India and Myanmar. Champhai is an amazing town in Mizoram with its captivating hills, lush green vegetation and the colourful strand of culture and tradition surrounding them. This town includes the number of tourist attractions and enchanting enclosing. Champhai town offers the captivating view of the blue Myanmar Hills.



The second biggest city in Mizoram just second to Aizawl, Lunglei is located at a higher elevation than the state’s capital. This city gets its name from the rock bridge. The Lunglei is signified as the bridge of rock. After the Aizawl, Lunglei is the largest town which is nestled 165 km far from the Aizawl. Magnificent slopes, lavish greenery and rich culture of the city attracts the large number of people from across the world.



Serchhip is another most amazing place to explore in Mizoram. This place is situated amid Mat and Tuikam Rivers. Serchhip is home to the state’s eighth most astounding mountain and most elevated waterfalls. A wide variety of endangered species is found here. The locale offers borders with Myanmar. Thenzawl, a town in Serchhip houses Mizo handloom industry where ordinary things are accessible.


Lawngtlai is one of the perfect places to visit in the Mizoram state of India. This place is nestled in the southernmost part of Mizoram. On 18th September 1998, the Lawngtlai is proclaimed district. Previously it was under Chhimtuipui district. This district is cut-off into two parts the Siaha district and Lunglei district. There are several attractions to explore in this place. The primary attractions in the district are the Ngenpui Wildlife Sanctuary, Phawngpui National Park and Phawngpui the tallest mountain in the state. Lawngtlai is nestled at the height of 2,157 m above the sea level.

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