Mahabalipuram India

Mahabalipuram the antiquated capital and ocean port of Pallava Kings is popular for its south Indian Temple architecture.But today it is a sluggish town living on its past heavenliness and the vacationer movement. The figures and carvings are interesting. Mahabalipuram is otherwise called the “city of seven pagodas” for out of strong stone were cut impeccable rock Temples. Five of the Temples are known as “Rathas” and on their dividers the narrative of Hindu mythology has been affectionately cut out. The most well known of them is gathering of five Rathas. This ratha is committed to the five Pandava Princes and their consort-wife Draupadi. A gathering of Elephants one of them 5 meters in length known as “Arjuna Penance” is the most conspicuous component of this model.