A standout amongst the most delightful slope stations in the nation, Patnitop is situated around 100 km far from Jammu and is known for its beautiful areas and experience sports. The first name of the slope station was Patan da talab signifying “lake of princess”

Here are a couple of must do things when going by Patnitop

The Naag temple – this 600 old sanctuary in Patnitop is committed to the snakes. A great many explorers from the whole way across the nation visit this wooden sanctuary, particularly amid the celebration of Naag panchami. The sanctuary is a regard to eyes as it’s settled in rich green environment and mountains.

Sanasar – another slope station in Jammu, these twin town of sana and sar are found 20 kms far from Patnitop and are named after the pools of same name. Alongside offering peace and tranquil surroundings to the sightseers it additionally has enterprise exercises like paragliding and outdoors.

Nathatop – situated around 14 kms far from Patnitop and 8 kms far from shanty edge, Nathatop is a perfect place for nature and enterprise sweethearts. Encompassed by snow secured mountains, it is well known among voyagers for sports like paragliding and skiing.

Gaurikund – a characteristic spring found only 3 kms far from Sudh Mahadev Sanctuary; it is trusted that Goddess parvati used to scrub down in this spring. A simple trek of around 2kms prompts this kund. A large number of religious fans come to Gaurikund to go to a reasonable held each year in the long stretch of june in which Shiva and Parvati are adored as Uma and Shankar.

Places in Patnitop


Sudh mahadev mandir – This ruler Shiva sanctuary was worked around 2800 years back at the spot where a Shiva lover was slaughtered inadvertently by trishul. The trishul is in 3 sections and is accepted to be of Ruler shiva himself. A huge number of shiva aficionados visit the sanctuary consistently.

Mantalai – known to be the origin of goddess Parvati, this spot is arranged 17kms far from Patnitop and is encompassed by deodar woods. There is another old sanctuary of master Shiva in Mantamalai.

Mansar lake – situated around 80 km far from Patnitop, Mansar Lake is a critical piece of Hindu folklore. It is trusted that this lake is sacred and devout and taking a dunk in it will free you of every one of your wrongdoings. Alongside this, there is a natural life haven additionally in the territory which is home to assorted scope of widely varied vegetation.


Food And Shopping In Patnitop


Patnitop is popular among food lovers as it provides yumm food at reasonable prices. North Indian, south Indian and Chinese food items are there on almost every menu. Chocolate barfi, Sund panjeeri and Rice kalaadi are some of the speciality of Patnitop. A iety of pickles is available. From kasrod, grigle,mango, potato- you name it and they have it. Don’t miss tea and snacks available at Nathatop. Khatta meat is another typical jammu dish, which is a must try when in patnitop.



Patnitop is a small hill station and there is not much to take back home. If you are food lover you can take back the famous “patisa” and dry fruits back home. Apart from this kashmiri handicrafts and pashmina shawls and stoles are some other things to take back from patnitop.