Mana Village “India’s Last Tea Shop”


At 3118 mtrs (10229 ft) above ocean level, in the shadows of the blessed town Badrinath, is contributed a really little town Uttarakhand – Mana. Otherwise called the last Indian town before the fringe with Tibet, the town is acclaimed for the amazing vistas it offers and the captivating history that is scattered among its provincial paths and charming inclines.

manavillageMana is a little traveler town that is situated in the condition of Uttarakhand. The town is available close to the religious site of Badrinath. The town has the refinement of being the keep going settlement making progress toward the nation of Tibet. It is arranged at a stature of around 3219 meters. The town is on the banks of the River Saraswati. The whole locale is encompassed by slopes and one can see numerous little streams adjacent too.

bheempulatmanavillageThis is a flawless place for trekking and there are many trekking recognizes that are situated here. The town of Mana can be gone to as day outing from Badrinath. There is a waterfall called the Vasundara Falls that is found adjacent and this is additionally a decent place to see while flying out to the town of Mana.

taptkundmanaThere is little section called the Bhim Pul that is situated here and the River Sarawasti dives headlong into the way and this is an incredible sight. The nearby populace of the town lives in little houses that are adorned and cut stunningly.

One can visit the sanctuary of Mata Murti that is situated close to the town and the sanctuary holds a yearly reasonable, going to which can be an intriguing background.

naturalstoneadventureatmanavillageMana is a little town stuck in time – one needs to stop one’s vehicles at the town outskirt itself and stroll around by walking in this manner giving you a possibility for an invigorating stroll amidst the wonderful Himalayan surroundings – just you and nature!

saraswatiriveratmanavillageThe town in a flash attracted with its old world appeal that was obvious in the customary houses and the slender streets that take you through the village.The limit interesting paths through the excellence of nature and the conventional little woody hovels took facilitate into a world loaded with peace and serenity.

Investigating the Last Indian Village in Uttarakhand – Mana Village:


adventureofmanavillageNeelkanth Peak is at a stature of around 6,597 m above ocean level and is known as the ‘Ruler of Gharwal’. The holy place of Badrinath can be seen from this pinnacle.

Tapt Kund:

Tapt Kund, a characteristic spring, is accepted to be the residence of Lord Agni. It is a holy kund and is gone to by numerous explorers consistently.

Badrinath Temple Complex:

badrinathtemple-complexmanamanaThe Badrinath Temple Complex is arranged at a height of around 3,133 m. Devoted to Lord Vishnu, the site is viewed as holy for Hindus. As indicated by old stories, the place of worship exists since the Vedic Period.

The symbol of Lord Vishnu is put in the ‘garbha griha’. The sanctuary likewise has a ‘shobha mandap’ and a ‘darshan mandap’. The Badrinath Temple Complex has fifteen icons of Hindu divine beings and goddesses.

Vasundhara Falls:

vasundharafallsmanaThe Vasundhara Falls is situated close Mana, from where the ice sheets and mountain pinnacles can be seen. It is trusted that the falls redirects far from the individual who confer wicked exercises.

There were little field like fixes outside the houses which the villagers develop to develop vegetables and other eatable stuff for self consumption.The Mana individuals are additionally rumored for their weaving aptitudes. The hand woven shawls, floor coverings or durries and sweaters are an artful culmination in themselves.

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