Doda Jammu and Kashmir


Doda is a town and an informed range board of trustees in Doda locale in the Indian condition of Jammu and Kashmir. Doda is a region in eastern piece of Jammu locale of the Indian condition of Jammu and Kashmir. Doda is situated at 33.13°N 75.57°E. what’s more, has a normal height of 1,107 meters (3631 feet).

Bhaderwah Doda:


Bhaderwah, otherwise called the Chota Kashmir, stretches out from Qabristan to Gatha and Killa Mohalla to Gupt Ganga. The well known Gupt Ganga sanctuary and Vasukinag sanctuary are arranged at this site. This town is known for festivity of various celebrations beginning .

Vasukinag Temple:


Vasukinag sanctuary is arranged in Bhaderwah. There is a solitary stone icon of Vasukinag in this eleventh century sanctuary. There is an uncommon pooja composed at the sanctuary just before the begin of the 3 day long yearly Kailash Yatra.

Baba Dhansar:


The blessed place of Baba Dhansar is situated at Karua Jheel close town Karua, 17 km from Reasi towards Katra in Reasi area of Jammu and Kashmir State, India. The approach includes a stroll of 200 meters from the street. It is a fanciful conviction that when Lord Shiva went to the Amarnath buckle to reveal to Parvati the narrative of his eternality, he cleared out his serpent ruler, Sheshnag at Anantnag. Shesh Nag came in the human shape as Vasudev. One of the children of Vasudev was Dhansar who was a righteous individual.



Kishtwar town has different trekking trails that shape the fundamental base for trekking all through the state. The town is arranged near mountain tops like Cathedral (5370 m), Sickle Moon (6574 m), Lhalung (Durung Glacier), Namtse (6000 m), Eiger (6001 m) and Charcha (6065 m). Kishtwar is additionally prominent for the Bhandarkote Cave and wonderful valleys, in particular Marwah, Dacchan and Paddar.

Sanasar Doda:


Sanasar is a container molded knoll that has been produced as a green. The glade is encompassed by enormous conifers and is celebrated for paragliding. This place likewise has residences, hovels and traveler lodges, oversaw by the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Development Corporation (JKTDC).

Gupt Ganga Temple:


Gupt Ganga sanctuary is one of the prevalent antiquated altars in Bhaderwah, which is accepted to be where the Pandavas spent a couple days amid their outcast. One of the stones at this sanctuary has the impression of Bhima, one of the Pandava siblings.

Chinta Valley:


A valley cut by the Chenab River, situated in the Doda region of the Indian condition of Jammu and Kashmir. Chinta Valley is at a stature of 6500 ft and is encompassed by thick coniferous woods.

Umasi Pass:


Umasi Pass, otherwise called the Umasi-la Pass, is arranged in the Kishtwar locale of the Doda District. On the course to the Umasi Pass, there is a little isolation of Dzongkhul. This pass is additionally the principle course to reach the Zanskar valley and is perfect for trekking.

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