Dah And Hanu Aryan Village Ladakh

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The towns of Dha and Hanu are arranged at a separation of roughly 163 km toward the northwest of the town of Leh. Around there, you will locate various towns. Be that as it may, voyagers are permitted to visit the towns of Dah and Hanu as it were.

This people group is accepted to be the last race of Aryans, bound to the valley. With their unadulterated Aryan elements, these individuals appeared to have protected their racial virtue as the centuries progressed. Their elements are immaculate Indo Aryan and they have protected their racial immaculateness as the centuries progressed. The Aryans of Ladakh emerge as tall, (going up to 6′- 6″), sharp-included with enormous eyes and a reasonable composition.

aryan village family indiaIn any case, the extent that their way of life and in addition religious practices is concerned, they come up as very indistinguishable the old pre-Buddhist religion, known as Bon-Chos. They are extremely defensive about themselves and are, naturally, hesitant to open up so effortlessly to “untouchables”.

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The conventional clothing of a wedded Dah lady. The hair meshes, the blooms, the silver head wear and the red dots in her neckband mean her conjugal status. Be that as it may, her wedded little girl did not have these clothing types.

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In the wake of traverse Indus (Sindhu) River, the left of the street goes to Dah town towards Kargil while right side goes to Hanu town towards Leh.

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Finally, the primary place of the town got to be distinctly noticeable which was roosted on a larger amount of ground. From that point it was our stroll through back streets of the town. Dah town is roosted on an edge above Indus River glut at an elevation of around 2200 meters over the ocean level.The number of inhabitants in Dah town according to 2001 Census was 542. A reasonable stream of water moves through the town from where some water directs have been redirected in all the rear ways in the town and furthermore to the adjacent farming fields.There was a home stay keep running by Mr Dorji where we rested for quite a while had tea. Dorji is helped by some NGO to make and offer dried apricots and apricot stick to gain some additional wage. As it may be, a large portion of the apricot organic products are squandered here. The apricot stick is not of traditional sort. Rather, apricot natural products are bubbled and socked in sugar syrup with no additive. Henceforth, in warm district like Mumbai, the apricot stick bottles must be kept in stop and expended say inside seven days.

A Dah womanThe Hall of Fame is a kind of a historical center which has for the most part the presentations of 1948 Kashmir War, 1962 Chinese interruptions and Kargil War of 1999. There are points of interest stories about the chivalrous endeavors of a portion of the saints of these wars. In one area, the weapons, gunnery and models of airplane utilized as a part of these wars are likewise shown. There are likewise shows of verdure of Ladakh district. Truth be told there are a considerable measure to find in this gallery. Brokpa towns are additionally known for their pleasant areas and lavish green scene. Additionally as a result of being put on a lower rise, Dha and Hanu have higher temperatures than the other Ladakhi locales. The temperature here ascents up to 40 degree Celsius and furthermore helps in plentiful vegetation. Cultivation is the principle control of local people and they develop magnificent quality apples and apricots.

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Climbing and investing energy around the slopes is pleasurable as you experience and note down numerous new encounters that the slopes and its kin bestow. Stroll around the fields of millet and grain, rest under one of the numerous almond trees or pick succulent, ready apricots. Spend a relaxed day in Darchik.

stone temple in ladhak indiaTo get a decent press of the Brokpa way of life, let the Chieftain orchestrate an extraordinary night for you. He will soon get his best group of entertainers to engage you with their customary moves and people music. On the off chance that enticed, do participate. They will be just excessively cheerful, making it impossible to shake a leg with you!

kargil hill indiaIn the North-East of Kargil, there are four villages among others – Dah, Hanu, Darchik and Garkon. All these four villages are situated at the banks of Indus (Sindhu) River. While Dah and Hanu villages fall under the jurisdiction of Leh district, Darchik and Garkon villages are in Kargil district. The inhabitants of these villages are known as ‘Dards’. Locals also call them ‘Brokpas’ which in Tibetan language means ‘the highlanders’. According to the census of 1981, these inhabitants were around 2000 in numbers. The origin of the inhabitants of these four villages have been a subject matter of debate as they claimed to be the pure Aryan breed, said to have migrated from South-Eastern Europe.

group women india The inhabitants of Dah village speak a language known as Brokskad which is quite different from Ladakhi language. However, inhabitants of Hanu village speak Ladakhi language.

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