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Buddha India TourSiddharth Gautam, conceived the child of a lord, experienced childhood in Kapilvastu in the midst of extravagance and quality. At 29 years old he abandoned natural diversion, to start his mission for the genuine importance of life – a pursuit that took him to the place that is known for Magadha. At Bodhgaya, following quite a while of retribution and hardship, he achieved “Illumination” under the sacrosanct Bodhi tree-to wind up Buddha. In the legendary deer park at Sarnath, the Buddha lectured his first sermon. He then voyaged broadly lecturing his reasoning. At 80 years old, in the woods of Kushinagar, he entered impeccable serenity the condition of “Parinirvana.” Lumbini, Bodhgaya, Sarnath, Kushinagar, Sravasti, Vaishali and Kapilvastu-these consecrated spots of Buddha proceed with the legacy of this astounding being who drilled and lectured peace, virtue and adoration. We welcome you now to this uncommon world one of marvelous sanctuaries, religious communities and stupas as well as where you might really stroll in the strides of “The Enlightened One”- the man, who changed the world.

Lumbini India TOurVisit the forest of Lumbini where the Enlightened one was conceived; Bodhgaya where He accomplished illumination: Sarnath where the wheel of law was set into movement and Kushinagar where He went into Mahaparinirvana. Likewise incorporated into this visit is touring of Delhi and visit to the city of the world acclaimed Taj Mahal, Agra.

Day 01 : Arrive Calcutta or Delhi

Half Day Sightseeing of the city. Overnight at inn.

Day 02 : Calcutta/Delhi – Patna – Bodhgaya

Calcutta india tourLeave Calcutta/Delhi for Patna via air. Drive to Bodhgaya (125 kms. /3 hrs.) where the Buddha accomplished illumination and which is a standout amongst the most holy journey places for the Buddhist. Enroute visit Nalanda and Rajgir. Nalanda-an awesome focal point of Buddhist learning and a standout amongst the most renowned worldwide college fortifications of antiquated times. Rajgir-it was previously the antiquated capital of the intense kingdom of Maghada. From the out skirts of Rajgir, a notable street prompts Gridha – Kuta or vultures crest where the Buddha lectured, here the principal Buddhist Council was held after the Lord’s Mahaparinirvana.

Day 03 : Bodhgaya

Bodhgaya Sightseeing of Bodhgaya. Here under the Bodhi Tree, Shakyamuni Gautama accomplished incomparable information to end up Buddha, “the Enlightened one” the propounder of one of the colossal relegious of the world. Waterway Nirajnana in which the Buddha showered in the wake of accomplishing elightment streams qulitely outside the minor village. Overnight in Bodhgaya.

Day 04 : Bodhgaya – Varanasi

bodhgaya india tourMorning leave Bodhgaya for Varanasi (275 kms. /7-8 hrs.) by Surface. Later, journey to Sarnath the spot Lord Buddha gave its sermon. Overnight in Varanasi.

Day 05 : Varanasi – Kushinagar

Early morning pontoon ride on the River Ganges to see the sun rise and the showering ghats of an old Hindu city. Later, leave Varanasi for Kushinagar (250 kms. /7-8 hrs.). Overnight in Kushinagar.

Day 06 : Kushinagar – Lumbini

Morning visit Mahaparinirvana Temple and Ramabhar Stupa. Later drive to Lumbini by surface (170 kms. /4 hrs.). Touring of Lumbini where the Lord Buddha was conceived. Visit the column raised by Emperor Ashok, In the twenty first year after his crowning ceremony at the origination. Continue to Balrampur (197 kms. /6 hrs.).

Day 07 : Balrampur – Sravasti – Lucknow

Balarampur india tourLeave Balrampur for Lucknow enroute visit Sravasti ( Sahet-Mahet) capital of the antiquated kingdom of Kosala, a dynamic community for Buddhism. Overnight in Lucknow.

Day 08 : Lucknow – Delhi

Lumbini Leave Lucknow for Delhi via air. Day at relaxation. Half day touring of Old and New Delhi going to Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Qutab Minar and the Secretarial Buildings. Overnight in Delhi.

Day 09 : Delhi – Agra – Delhi

Entire day outing to Agra (208 kms/4 hrs), city of the Taj Mahal. Additionally visit Agra Fort and Sikandra. Overnight in Delhi.

Day l0 : Delhi

Day at relaxation in Delhi

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