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Place on wheels tourThe Palace on Wheels is one of the world’s most energizing & captivating regal excursions through the former time of the recent maharajas. Castle on wheels is an ordeal of a lifetime that you are not liable to overlook when you experience the extravagant ways of life of the Indian Kings.Palace-on-Wheels, a week in wonderland recreating the mood of the grand Indian heritageand venture through the most imperative & well known areas on the planet Delhi, Royal Rajasthan & Taj Mahal(the seventh Wonder of the World).

The Train

Welcome on board the Palace on Wheels – has rich lodges, 14 completely aerated and cooled luxurious cantinas, furnished with world class courtesies to improve the joy of voyaging. One end to the other covering, an all around supplied bar, two feasting autos (the Maharaja and Maharani) and an exceptionally customized administration “Khidmatgars” or individual chaperons, in every lodge, take into account everything your needs…. Truth be told, practically everything that could include paradise on earth for seven days.

The Coaches

palace on wheels luxury tourThe 14 mentors are named after previous Rajput states coordinating the feel and insides of the illustrious past. Every cantina has a small storeroom and a parlor to guarantee accessibility of hot and frosty drink, and refreshments and a spot to unwind and get together.


The 14 completely ventilated select cantinas made up of 104 traveler billet, each a blend of 4 twin had relations with chambers with channel music, radio, and connected toilets, running hot and icy water, shower, one end to the other covering and different amenities.


The train has two luxurious eateries “The Maharaja” and “The Maharani” with a Rajasthani feel serving sense of taste tickling Continental, Chinese, India and Rajasthani cooking styles.


place on wheels tourThe prepare likewise gloats of a very much supplied offering the choicest of sprits of Indian and global brands. Every mentor likewise offers a decent accumulation of books to look over.


The Palace on Wheels is routinely revamped all things considered. The style in the cantinas, bar lounge has been changed, remembering the generally tasteful yet current, Palace on Wheels. Toilets have been revamped and are kept up shining clean. Every cantina lounge has been furnished with shading TV and a CD player. A satellite telephone is en route to make you convey anyplace on the planet from the train.

The Coaches

The legend goes on – You’ll be charmed you saw Rajasthan by the Palace-on-Wheels. On board, you’ll feel like a recent ruler, going in lofty magnificence. Every Coach named after the recent august state has 4 twin-had relations with chambersthoughtfully designed in ethnic Rajasthani stylistic layout. Channel music, radio, appended toilets, running hot & frosty water, shower and one end to the other covering are a portion of the offices to make you feel at home. Every cantina has individual orderlies or Khidmatgars, who are available to your no matter what to develop an affable assistance, if you require anything. 14 Coaches are:


palace on wheels alwar toursFound deliberately, Alwar is the portal to Rajasthan from Delhi. With a turbulent history crossing back to the medieval time, Alwar has been an imperative spot of exchange and business. Offered by nature with a one of a kind environment including timberlands and profound valleys, Alwar is home to a few types of widely varied vegetation. The roof of the Alwar mentor lounge has been done tastefully in a delightful blend of cone work and oils in alleviation, portraying a chasing scene. The imperial seal and a smaller than usual paintingadorn the parlor. Inconspicuous tones of pink improve the sentimental feeling of the parlor.

2. Bharatpur

Maharaja Suraj Mal, the valiant Jat lord, who was respected for his valor and boldness, had his homestead. Once an invigorated township, Bharatpur is presently an ornighologist’s heaven and understood for the Keoladeo Ghana flying creature haven. The asylum is home to more than 376 avaian species. Reverberating the vividity to nature’s blessing to Bharatpur, the alleviation deal with this mentor portrays different types of feathered creatures on the tree of life. A copy of the illustrious peak of Bharatpur decorates the valance of the blinds. The “nature” topic is further supported by the white cedar trim work portraying winged creatures and painted peacocks, sitting on a haveli chipped away at a mirror. The shading plan, with its bounty of beige and water green, is a distinctive indication of rich green woods of Bharatpur and Ghana.


Palaces on wheels bikaner tourBikaner appeared in 1486 A.D. at the point when Rao Bika set out to cut a different kingdom for himself. The shading plan of the parlor has been spurred by the extravagant crowning ordinance rooms in smoldering red and gold fo the Anup Mahal and Padam Mahal of the Junagarh post. The illustrious state peak is set on the valance alongside a few crafted works of Rajasthan. The roof is done up in alleviation work and an oil painting on canvas, delineating the unbelievable beaus Dhola & Maru on camelback. The fine art in the parlor is in the Mughal-affected style of the Bikaner School of Art.


The interesting little condition of Bundi untruths supported in the slopes, east of Mewar. The castle complex of Bundi towers over the township. A forcing structure, it is drawn closer by a since a long time ago cleared incline that climbs to the Hathi Pol, and is portrayed in watercolor work in one of the rooms. The celebrated Ragmala likewise called Rag Ragini, compositions of Bundi have been highlighted through oil artistic creations on canvas and are set on the roofs. The regal peak is highlighted on the valance. The renowned Bundi school of painting is delineated in the surrounded and mounted craftsmanship pieces furthermore serves as the premise of the shading plan and general stylistic theme, including a delightfully frescoed roof.

5. Dholpur

Palace on wheels dholpur tourDholpur is known for its privately quarried sandstone utilized for building royal residences and for latticework broadly utilized for balconyrailings. The rails in the mentor are made of teak handle and portray the fine craftsmanship initially done in stone. The Dholpur peak beautifies the valance in zardozi work.


Dungarpur signifying ‘Slope Town’ is wild and tough and known for its design and the Bhil tribals. The roof is done up in a blend of help and reflect work in accordance with the “lep” work done by the tribal on the dividers of their homes. The imperial state peak, in unpredictable zardozi work, shows up on the valance of the blinds.


Established by Rao Jaisal in 1156 AD, this remote desert city is well known for the Jaisalmer stronghold, typified by Satyajit Ray in the ‘Shonar Kella’ (The Golden Fortress), an epic celluloid adventure. The city is additionally well known for its havelies, cobbled boulevards, old Jain sanctuaries and a bubbly exhilaration that resonates over the sparkling sands of the Thar Desert. The complicatedly latticed havelies with prominent veneers served as the motivation for the unpredictably cut jharokhas on the parlor roof. It is done on teak wood with a mirror backing. The popular Jawahar Niwas veneer has been delineated in the state lounge utilizing cone, metal, copper and silver mediums. The regal symbol enhances the valance of the blinds. The shading plan mirrors the beige of the desert sands.

8.Jaipurpalaces on wheels jaipur tour

Referred to the world over as the Pink City, Jaipur was established by Maharaja Sawai jai Singh in 1727 A.D. The draftsman Vidhyadhar, under the directions of the Maharaja, arranged the city. The King was a space expert and an authority of expressions. What’s more, his taste is obvious in the excellent city built by him. An entrancing area, Jaipur has countless royal residences, landmarks & gardens that draw in swarms of guests consistently. Fairs and celebrations mirror the abundant appeal of the general population here. The chipper way of the nearby occupants is reflected in the lively hues & dazzling music that breath life into their spirits, even in this dry desert land. The roof of the state lounge has been made utilizing the celebrated internationally “Phad” or foil work, portraying celebrations like Teej, Gangaur, Holi, Diwali and so forth. The imperial image of the state, in Zardozi work, graces the valance. The dividers have been brightened with small scale artistic creations of the renowned Jaipur style of painting. The roofs have painted frescoes, done in correlative hues, mirroring the state’s shading plan of Blue & Gold.


This capable kingdom of the Jhalas, a faction of valiant Rajputs, was made in the year 1838 A.D. It is a beguiling area with gigantic regular excellence. Stories of velour and valor and various fables possess large amounts of this locale. Jhalawar additionally has some delightful sanctuaries and old Buddhist hollows. The roof has been worked out in a medium utilized by the neighborhood tenants of Jhalawar to embellish their homes. A play of hues and reflect work has been utilized as a part of the medium of mortar of Paris to make a one of a kind vibe. The imperial badge of the past state in Zardozi work is seen on the valance alongside painstaking work supporting the table highest points of the state lounge.

10. Jodhpur

palaces on wheels jodhpur tourThis capital of the Marwar kingdom lies on the tip of the Thar Desert and was the seat of an impressive administration of rulers from the fifteenth century onwards. The Meherangarh Fort, which commands the city of Jodhpur, is captivating with its cusped arcades and the Mughal affected outlines of the Moti Mahal reproduced in mother-of-pearl work on the roof. The illustrious peak is highlighted on the valance alongside the smaller than usual works of art in the parlor which is commonplace of the Jodhpur School of Art.


The Bani Thani artworks of the state with their misrepresented elements like eyes and long fingers are surely understood. One of these popular compositions is reproduced on the roof in acrylic, painted with polish and thwart. The peak shows up in zardozi take a shot at the blinds of the windows with a craftsmanship of the Kishangarh School of Art highlighted on the mass of the state lounge.

12. Kota

palaces on wheels kota tourOnce a prosperous Rajput state, Kota is beautifully situated next to the Chambal waterway, encompassed by verdant timberlands and picnicgardens. The City Palace is an amazing structure. The passage to the castle is through the Hathi Pol, which is splendidly painted with figures of elephants. Kota is surely understood for the Kota school of outline. These components have served as the premise for planning the style of this mentor. The particular elements of the Kota school of workmanship can be found in the oil sketches titled “Raja aur Praja” (The Monarch and his Subjects) on the roof. It delineates Raja Ram Singh II (1826-66) of Kota in the midst of an imperial parade.


This recent state has earned a lucky notoriety the world over for its gold post, close Pratapgarh. Particularly the shaded glasswork inside of it is astounding. The style of work has an ordinarily Indo-European flavor, as European impact is very prominent. The rooms highlight this style through the surrounded masterpieces done in the same style. The climate and shading plan has additionally been outlined with regards to this School of Art. The gold foil and glasswork likewise has semi-valuable stones installed in it, and has been done in a blend media made from cone and paint emblazoned particleboards. The imperial badge has been put conspicuously. Mounted miniatures done in the Sirohi school style loan a one of a kind character to the stylistic theme.


palace on wheels udaipur tourLazing on the edge of the lake Pichhola, Udaipur was the capital of the Sisodia Rajputs after they moved from Chittaur. The City Palace in Udaipur is a complex of party rooms, private suites and inner courts from which the state parlor and rooms take their shading plans prevailing blue and white. The most interesting of the inward courts is the Peacock Court wherePeacocks have been displayed in high alleviation and confronted with shaded glass mosaic. The parlor stylistic theme is affected by the ‘Mor Chowk’ or the Peacock Court. The medium utilized is a blend of help work and Patra or oxidized white metal work. The illustrious peak of the state, in a charming zardozi work, is set onthe valance of the blinds.

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