Rajmachi Maharashtra


Rajmachi is a sloping zone loaded with waterfalls, streams and lavish greenery, arranged in the condition of Maharasthra, toward the north-west of the well known slope station Lonavala. The zone has an impressive tallness and neglects the Bhor Ghat and Ulhas Valley. It is a mainstream goal, particularly among trekkers, on the grounds that the excursion to Rajmachi through the Tungarli Lake from Lonavala has some delightful view. The spots of enthusiasm for Rajmachi incorporate the Walwan town, a peaceful town at the base of the twin slopes in Rajmachi. It’s at a separation of 10 km from Lonavala. The Udhewadi town, acclaimed for its conventional Maharashtrian cooking, is situated on the level (at a stature of 700 meters), at the base of the twin pinnacles.

rajmachi-waterfallThe Shreevardhan and Manoranjan pinnacles are different attractions. The Shreevardhan Peak is the taller of the two, with a stature of 130 m from the level. This pinnacle can be moved from the Udhewadi town in 30 minutes. The Manoranjan Peak, at a stature of 80 m from the level, can likewise be come to from the Udhewadi town. Manoranjan is well known for its solid dividers and water tanks. There is a sanctuary between these two pinnacles, frequently utilized as an asylum by trekkers climbing the pinnacles. The sanctuary offers a perspective of the farmland, and additionally the remains of many fortifications, water tanks and water falls.

trekking-rajmachiThere are four antiquated Buddhist hollows at the base of the Twin pinnacles that are likewise gone by a great many people. Getting to Rajmachi is simple. Via air, the closest airplane terminal is Mumbai from where cabs are accessible to Rajmachi. By rail, the nearest station to Rajmachi is Lonavala station, which is all around associated with Mumbai.

Going by Places Rajmachi:

Rajmachi Point:

rajmachi-pointThe Rajmachi Point is one of the critical common touring attractions of Rajmachi town. It is arranged at a separation of around 6.5 km from the city of Lonavala. The fundamental fascination of this point is that it gives an all encompassing perspective of the Rajmachi Fort. The historical backdrop of this stronghold is related with the colossal sovereign Shivaji. Alongside this sanctuary, this point likewise gives an unmistakable perspective of its encompassing valleys.

Manoranjan Fort:

manoranjan-fortThe town of Rajmachi is home to a few fortresses and the Manoranjan Fort is one of them. This stronghold lies in the western piece of the Rajmachi Fort. In antiquated circumstances, this fortification was worked with the reason for keeping a watch on the level of Manoranjan Hills. The premises of this fortress have three passageways alongside a water tank at the highest point of its slope. By and by, just a couple vestiges of this sanctuary are cleared out. The legislature of Maharashtra alongside a few NGO associations are attempting fundamental endeavors to painstakingly protect its vestiges.

Bhairavnath Temple:

bhairavnath-temple-lonavalaThe Bhairavnath Devasthan is a huge religious touring fascination of Rajmachi town and is arranged in its Shreevardhan Fort. The site of this sanctuary is additionally called as Dhak among the neighborhood individuals. Directing divinity of this sanctuary is Lord Shiva, loved here as Bhairav. The engineering of this sanctuary is like the Shiva sanctuaries of Konkan area.

The scenery of this sanctuary contains thick timberland locales giving delicate breeze and cool vibe to the air. The principle sanctum sanctorum of Bhairavnath Devasthan likewise has numerous other little hallowed places devoted to Hindu divine beings and goddesses. Mahashivarathri is the famous celebration in the place, amid which this sanctuary is rushed by a great many lovers.

Tungarli Dam and Lake:

tungarli-dam-lake-rajmachiThe Tungarli Dam of Rajmachi is worked over the Tungarli Lake and is a standout amongst the most prevalent cookout spots of the town. This dam is arranged in the Tungarli town, in the midst of the Sahyadri scope of slopes. The highest point of this dam likewise gives an all encompassing perspective of the down city alongside different spots like Lonavala and Lohagad.

The beginning of this dam was finished with the reason for giving water system offices to the Rajmachi locale. The range around this dam and lake is additionally utilized for outdoors purposes and is likewise home to a few resorts.

Rajmachi Wildlife Sanctuary:

rajmachi-wildlife-sanctuary-rajmachiThe Rajmachi Wildlife Sanctuary is situated on the foothills of Western Ghats in the midst of the bumpy territories of Sahyadri extents. It is popular as an end of the week passage goal for the nature cherishing visitors and in addition acclaimed for its uncommon types of creatures and flying creatures. One of the significant attractions of this haven is the very jeopardized specie of mammoth Indian squirrel. Here the wild creatures are not confined, but rather will be somewhat left among the common environment and a safari jeep visit gets a nearby perspective of every one of these creatures. It is additionally home to a few uncommon types of vegetation and also is a perfect area for nature strolls, trekking and feathered creature viewing.


lonalva-fortLonavala is a well known slope station at a stature of 625 mt over the ocean level in the western locale of the state Maharashtra. The breadth of this lovely slope station is around 38 sq km. Lonavala, situated by Sir Elphinstone, the then Governor of Bombay Presidency in 1871, got its name from a Sanskrit word Lonavli implies hollows. The a lot of caverns like Bhaja hollows, Bedsa holes and Karla holes conveyed the name Lonavala to the city. This has been renowned worldwide as a wellbeing resort because of its unpolluted surroundings and the lovely atmosphere all as the year progressed. This is pulled in by a huge number of sightseers, household and outside, consistently. Storm is the best atmosphere with waterfalls, flourishing lakes with brimming with water and lavish greeneries all around. Chikki, the hard treat sweet, is a claim to fame thing in Lonavala and is celebrated among the guests to Lonavala.

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