Morbi Gujarat


Morbi is known as “Paris” of Saurashtra in Gujarat province of India. It was a Princely State administered by the Jadeja family of Rajputs until Indian freedom in 1947. It is quickest developing business center point of the state because of development of vitrified tiles, mosaic tiles and such different ventures in the belt. A large number of works get work from this industry and carry on with their life. It is additionally life saver of Morbi city and without it, it can’t survive exceptionally well.

Hanging Bridge:


Hanging Bridge is the most well known vacation destination of the city. It interface Lakhdhirji Engineering College (LE College) and Darbargadh Royal Palace. It was based on the waterway Machchhu with cutting edge innovation of those days. It is 1.25 m wide and traverses 233 m which was worked by the Morbi Royal State.

Om Water Resort:


Om water resort comprises of 38 rides, swimming pool, turning Facilities, Restaurant Facilities, Children and Women Security and some more. Morbi Om water fall back on accomplish advance in tourism field and outing field. Presently Om water resort turns into the most understood outing focus in Morbi City. Om water resort situated in vanliya-Mansar Road, At. Vanliya, Dist.Morbi. We gives 52,356 sq ft territory stopping offices with no stopping charges.

The Nehru Gate:


The Nehru Gate was fabricated utilizing Rajput design by the Morbi Maharaja (lord). There is a focal clock tower which ringers on each 60 minutes. It is likewise mainstream put in the city where a great many individuals accumulate for shopping, get the chance to assemble and loads of different exercises.

Darbargadh Royal Palace:


Darbargadh Royal Palace was the official habitation of Morbi illustrious family. This imperial royal residence was changed over into legacy inn and opens for open. It is perfect work of art of best engineering and should to visit put in the city.

LE College In Morbi:


LE College is one of the most established designing school in the nation which was set up by the Maharaja of Morbi to advance instruction in the state. LE College’s building is another European style old engineering.

Chronology Morbi:


Morvi State, additionally spelt as Morvee State or Morbi State, was a royal salute state in the recorded Halar prant (region) of Kathiawar amid the British Raj. The town of Morvi (Morbi), Gujarat, was its capital.

Mani Mandir:


Mani Mandir is the immense engineering intended for love of Hindu religious holy people and Gods, for example, Laxmi Narayan, Mahakali, Ramchandraji, Radha-Krishna and Shiva. You can discover different pictures of these holy people and rulers in the sanctuary. Engineering/Design of Mani Mandir is another grand of the century.

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