Kibber – Spiti Valley Himachal Pradesh

Kibber Spiti valley himachal pradesh india tour

Kibber, in Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh, has the qualification of being the most elevated motorable town on the planet. The town is known for its grand mountains, fruitless quality and religious communities. Key Monastery, the biggest in Spiti Valley is arranged near Kibber. The scene of Kibber and the whole Spiti Valley takes after that of Ladakh and Tibet.

The way of life likewise is like that of Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism is the overwhelming religion. No big surprise then that Spiti is otherwise called Little Tibet. Kibber Village containing 80 houses, is found 16 km from Kaza at 14,200 ft above ocean level. Kibber goes under Lahaul-Spiti region of Himachal Pradesh.

Himachal Pradesh India TourKey Monastery, is the most imperative Buddhist focus in Spiti Valley and is found near Kibber. The religious community is acclaimed for its wall paintings, thangkas (works of art on cotton or silk), uncommon compositions, and wind instruments.

Despite the fact that it is a frosty desert, agribusiness and creature farming are real occupations here. The economy of the town is construct basically in light of exchange with Ladakh. The exchange with Ladakh depends on bargain framework with Kibber local people frequently exchanging stallions for yaks. The Purang La is the fundamental exchange course. Spiti stays snowbound amid winter and temperature tumbles to below zero levels.

Climatic condition forces villagers to for the most part stay inside their homes. Villagers stock sustenance to last the winter and use the time while to sew garments and make handcraft things. Despite the fact that remote, Kibber has all the essential courtesies like power, common dispensary, school, post office, and so forth.

Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary, India’s lone untamed life haven in a chilly leave, is situated here. It is home to the ibex, blue sheep, red fox, Tibetan wooly rabbit, Himalayan wolf, lynx, pika, Tibetan wild ass and the snow panther.

The high elevation and contamination free climate is a shelter for sky gazers. Viewing the night sky from Kibber is an astounding knowledge. Kibber town is well known among enterprise aficionados. Dandmachan top here is mainstream with trekkers and mountain dwellers. The infertile scene, waterways and mountains and gompas make it a picture taker’s heaven.

Kibber is home to a lot of fossils. The town is among the most fossiliferous areas of the world and has earned Spiti the title of ‘Fossils Park’.


There are no lodgings and resorts in Kibber. Local people give rooms on rent. Homestays are moderate. Try not to expect extravagance solace while staying with local people. Outdoors offices are likewise accessible amid summer in the town.


Alternatives to eat are extremely constrained in Kibber. Visitor houses or homestays give nourishment on interest. Local people additionally serve Tibetan, Indian and Chinese cooking.