Jashpur Chhattisgarh


Jashpur District lies in the north-eastern corner of the condition of Chhattisgarh in India connecting the fringe of Jharkhand and Odisha. Jashpur Nagar is the regulatory central station of the area. It is as of now a piece of the Red Corridor. Amid the British Raj Jashpur town was the capital of Jashpur State, one of the regal conditions of the Eastern States Agency. The upper ghat keeps running from Loroghat Kastura, Narayanpur, Bagicha up to the Surguja area. This belt is a backwoods range and contains a hold woods. It covers the Sanna, Bagicha and Narayanpur.

Kotebira Eb River:


The Kotebira Eb River is an exceptionally prominent goal of Jashpur. It is trusted that God was exceptionally satisfied while going to this area and he thought to build a dam at the site, overnight. He began however neglected to finish before dawn and henceforth, the work stayed deficient. This makes the stone resemble a dam divider. Every year, a “mela” is composed at this place.

Maha Girjaghar Jashpur:


Asia’s second biggest catholic church, Mahagirja Ghar is situated at Kunkuri, around 40 km from Jashpur Nagar, in Jashpur District of Chhattisgarh. Mahagirja Ghar was established in 1962 amid the time of Late Rev Bishop Stanislas Tigga. It was introduced on 27th October 1979. The congregation is decorated with seven arcades in the state of curve and seven ceremonies images made of point Iron. A wonderful hallowed place, devoted to Mother Mary, can be found before the house of prayer building.

Rajpuri Waterfall:


The territory around the Rajpuri Waterfall is an exceptionally mainstream cookout spot renowned worldwide for its normal excellence. This waterfall is arranged close Bagicha, around 90 km from the town central station.

Hara Deepa Jashpur:


Hara Deepa is arranged close-by the town of Astha. The place is secured with sal trees and it is primarily known for Duadas-Tuling, which is a legendary place. This place holds criticalness for archeologists.

Rani Dah Waterfall:


The Rani Dah Waterfall is a prevalent outing spot arranged amidst woods and slopes. It is found 12 km from Echkela. Jashpur can be gone by in summer, storm or winter.

Damera In Jashpur:


Damera is found south of Jashpur Nagar, around 12 km from the Badhyee Khana town. A reasonable is held each year at this place, amid Kartik purnima and Ram Navami. The place is likewise generally critical.

Sograh Aghor Asram:


The Sograh Aghor Asram is arranged around 18 km from Jashpur Nagar. It houses the sanctuary of Avdhot Bhagvan Shri Ram. The vast majority of the sightseers who visit this authentic place look for the history of Lord Aghoreswar.

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