Anjaw Arunachal Pradesh


Anjaw District is an authoritative area in the condition of Arunachal Pradesh in north-east India. It is a recently made area, having been part from Lohit locale on some time before under the Arunachal Pradesh Re-association of Districts Amendment Bill. The locale fringes China on the north. Hawai, at an elevation of 1296 m above ocean level, is the locale central command, situated on the banks of the Lohit River, a tributary of the Brahmaputra River. It is the easternmost locale in India.The easternmost group in Anjaw is the town of Dong. Anjaw is the second minimum crowded locale in India (out of 640).

Tezu Anjaw:


Tezu is a town in region of Anjaw that was cut out from the Lohit District. It is the authoritative headquarter of the Lohit locale and is well known for attractions like Tamreswari Temple, Parashuram Kund, the city of King Bhismak and the site of Shivalinga.

Hawai Anjaw:


Hawai is the central station of the Anjaw District and is arranged on the left half of the Lohit River. Situated at a tallness of around 1,296 m over the ocean level, it can without much of a stretch be come to from Hayuliang. The significant fascination of Hawai is a Cable Suspension Bridge, otherwise called Anjaw Bridge, developed over the Lohit River. As indicated by the Kaman Mishmi tongue, Hawai implies a lake.

Kibithoo Anjaw:


Kibithoo, a residential area, is a Circle Headquarter and is well known for various rivulets and waterfalls. Arranged on the correct bank of River Lohit, Kibithoo is situated at a rise of around 1,305 m over the ocean level. The town lies in closeness to the India-China fringe and has seen the war of 1962 that occurred amongst India and China.

Chaglogam Anjaw:


Chaglogam is arranged on the left half of the Dalai River and is another Circle Headquarter. Arranged at a rise of 1,258 m over the ocean level, Tezu is gone to for exercises like calculating, trekking, mountaineering and rafting.

Walong Anjaw:


Walong, otherwise called ‘a place brimming with bamboos’, is situated at a height of around 1,094 m. Arranged on the west bank of the Lohit River, Walong is around 20 km from the Chinese Border. It is a Circle Headquarter and is generally vital as it saw different fights amid the season of Chinese intrusion in 1962.

Hayuliang Anjaw:


Hayuliang is a city situated in Anjaw in Arunachal Pradesh. The name of the goal signifies ‘the place of my alcohol’ and is presently a sub-divisional headquarter. Arranged at a rise of around 750 m, Hayuliang offers a delightful perspective of the intersection of Lohit River and Dalai River. Likewise, sightseers can visit close-by spots like Namdapha, Roing and Dibru-Saikhowa.

Dong Anjaw:

dong-anjaw-indiaDong is a little town and witnesses the most punctual dawn in the nation. Arranged on the left bank of the Lohit River, Dong is encompassed by pine woods and snow-topped mountains. This town is associated with a suspension connect worked over the Lohit River and is 7 km from Walong. In addition, sightseers can likewise witness the rich social legacy of the town as the Meyor people group live in larger part.

Parashuram Kund:


Parashuram Kund is situated around 13 km from the central command of the Lohit District, Tezu. It is prominent among the Hindu people group and pulls in various fans. As indicated by the legends, Parashuram’s dad requested him to murder his mom with a hatchet. He tossed the hatchet in the mountains and where the hatchet fell is known as the Parashuram Kund. The hatchet that fell separated the mountains and turned into the wellspring of Lohit River.

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