108 Shiva Temple Ambika Kalna (West Bengal)


With its splendorous earthenware sanctuaries, Ambika Kalna is appropriately called as the “Sanctuary Town”. Committed to the goddess of force, Maa Kali, these sanctuaries are implicit run of the mill aatchala style.

The most appealing sanctuary in Kalna is the 108 Shiva Temple Complex. It was worked by Maharaja Teja Chandra Bahadhur in 1809 to praise the exchange and responsibility for regal home of Bishnupur. An engineering wonder, the sanctuary structure is a mix of two concentric circles, each of which has little sanctuaries devoted to Lord Shiva. These speak to globules in a rosary and its dividers delineate scenes of Ramayana and Mahabharata and notwithstanding chasing scenes.

bhagirathi-river-at-kalnaSituated on the banks of Bhagirathi waterway in Bardhaman locale, the town otherwise called Kalna is named after Goddess Kali. The main reference to Ambika Kalna is found in a sixth century content when it was an essential place for sea exchange. In any case, the town genuinely achieved transcendence under the Maharajas of Bardhaman in the eighteenth century. Amid this period, the Bardhaman rulers manufactured a few sanctuaries with itemized earthenware ornamentation.

The most attractive historic point in Kalna is the 108 Shiva sanctuary complex. Maharaja Tejachandra supervised the development of the sanctuaries to commend the exchange of responsibility for Bishnupur illustrious domain. The sanctuaries showcase astounding earthenware figures. Scenes from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, erotica and chasing scenes are portrayed on the dividers.

lalit-temple-ambika-kalnaThe external circle has seventy-four sanctuaries and the internal one has thirty-four sanctuaries, chose fancifully with promising contemplations. It is additionally called the Nava Kailasha sanctuary and each of these 108 sanctuaries has a Shiva linga. The lingas in the internal circle are all white (symbolizing great deeds), while half of those in the external circle are dark (symbolizing sins).

It is constantly lectured that a human with his confidence can associate with the Almighty through his earnest supplications and reflection. To accomplish comfort, one needs to come over every single common intrigue and entirely and exclusively commit his life towards the fulfillment of God. A similar idea is being upheld through this, one of its kind, sanctuary structure. The external circle depicts the world we live in while the inward circle symbolizes the world with unadulterated musings, accomplished by offering supplications to Lord Shiva.


108-shiva-temple-ambika-kalnaAscending of the Sun is constantly incredible. Yet, dawn at Kalna has got some additional appeal. At a young hour in the morning when the east sky is cloudy with the ridiculous range of the sun reflecting once again from the surface of the Ganges, it looks truly so mind blowing. Numerous devouts and ambitious person appreciate the landscape with heart’s substance. The individuals who are ongoing to wash up at a young hour in the morning, petition the sun voicing the charm,”


The ruddy range of setting sun is likewise the alluring magnificence of Kalna which captures the consideration of number of individuals of kalna. This excellence is duplicated when the radiance of setting sun reflects once again from the water of the Bhagirathi. This spiritless sun helps us to remember the persistence and continuance.

Top view:

terracotta-temple-kalna-west-bengalThe top perspective of kalna obviously changes every now and then. A few times blue atmosphere, coasting cloudlets are unmistakably obvious over our head. A few times, desolate sky being cloudy with cloud achieves rain pour. A few times singing daylight propels our sweat to sweat. Around evening time hand some kalna looks extremely enchanting with the starry sky engraved with Milky Way. In the full Moon, the Moon resembles a stunning silver circle inciting individuals to be motivated with over whelming euphoria.

Side Seen:

Island produced using the Bhagirathi and the shore of the waterway, obviously achieve our brain to the most elevated pinnacle of creative ability and thought.

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